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    MTV Killed The Rock 'n' Roll Star

    fixyoucap.jpgThe M in MTV has gone missing. Where did all the music go? It has relocated to Relevant.TV. Relevant.TV is a web site that is hosted by Relevant Magazine. They play a constant stream of music videos.


    Music videos. You know those things they used to play on MTV back in the day when the video killed the radio star.


    These days, reality TV stars are being made on MTV and the video star is a dying breed. Today television, specifically reality TV, is at an all-time high on the trash-o-meter and is lacking substance.


    Young adults are feeling the need for quality television. When you need your fix of music videos dialup and tune in to Relevant.TV. There you will be able to watch videos by: Coldplay, As I Lay Dying, Bright Eyes, Kayne West, Switchfoot, Yellowcard, The Beastie Boys, Underoath, Death Cab for Cutie, and tons of fresh brand new bands you have never heard.Relevant.TV is a place to discover new music and watch videos by bands you already like. You can view new commercial-free music videos 24 hours a day, which are updated daily and have live VJ spots. They play five new videos each week on Wednesday including a featured video each week and guest appearances by Copeland, Pigeon John and others.


    Also, you can request your favorite videos to be played. The Viewers Top Ten for December were:


    fixyoucap1.jpg1. Coldplay “Fix You”

    2. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster “Touch as John Jacobs”

    3. L.A. Symphony “Timeless”

    4. Switchfoot “Stars”

    5. Anberlin “A Day Late”

    6. Sigur Ros “Glosoli”

    7. Forever Changed “Encounter”

    8. Relient K “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been”

    9. Common “Testify”

    10. Last Tuesday “Have You Seen Me?”.


    Tyler Clark singing hit songs on his keyboard is just another tasty treat Relevant.TV offers up for your viewing pleasure. He covers songs like: “No Scrubs” by TLC, “Jump” by Van Halen, and “Sorry Mrs. Jackson” by OutKast.


    Another feature Relevant.TV offers are blogs where you can discuss music-related topics is another feature. They even have the ever-growing and popular phenomenon known as a Podcast. Their Podcast show can be downloaded on iTunes.


    To checkout Relevant.TV for yourself visit www.relevantmagazine.com and simply click the red Relevant.TV link.


    Source: http://www.easttennessean.com

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