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    Mylo Xyloto review 14: Coldplay freezes out early style with this solid record (Same Same)

    myloxylotoalbum2_1.pngOur latest featured review of Mylo Xyloto is from the Same Same website (Australian lifestyle magazine), who are another media outlet who enjoyed Mylo Xyloto. In fact, generally speaking although we try hard to reflect the general populous by posting a mix of good and bad reviews 'out there', we haven't actually found that many bad ones recently. Even the latest blog reviews we found over the last 48 hours have been highly positive, with only a couple posting mid-range scores. Read on for Same Same's full review...


    Coldplay’s fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto is a stunning and solid record. A step on from 2008’s highest selling album, Viva La Vida, and following runaway successes of every album they have ever released, there was a certain pressure on Coldplay to deliver something of equal or greater standard. “We felt like so many people have already made up their minds about us, both good and bad, that we can sort of start again from scratch and try and reflect all the music we listen to and we love,” says Chris Martin of the record.


    And the product? Coldplay’s most synthetic and experimental album yet; a ‘concept’ album set in a dystopic future, based around the narrative of two young lovers.

    Mylo Xyloto is a great album, the perfect mix of melodic hooks and lyrics that only Chris Martin could get away with, and a new style of electronic-acoustic fusion that sees Coldplay embrace and put their own spin on recent music trends. “Now we have Justin Bieber and Adele to compete with and they’re a lot younger,” says Martin. “We have to have the energy to put as much effort into our work as they do”.


    Rihanna features on Princess of China, which is quite a risky move for a band that has never really collaborated [on an LP] before. Before hearing the track, it’s hard to imagine a sound where both Chris Martin and Riri can comfortably perform together. But there was never a worry; the song is an epic mix of grandiose electric guitar and Asian-flavored synthetic pop with a distinct Coldplay twist that has made room for Rihanna to do her thing.


    Other highlights include the instant classic Charlie Brown , which is the sort of Coldplay song that people will know the melody of but not actually know the title of the song (it is the closest the album comes to reminiscing on Viva ), Hurts Like Heaven , the closing track Up With The Birds and, of course, the first two singles from the album, Paradise and the fun Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (we’re still dancing from Splendour).


    The album is lacking in the sort of acoustic love songs that have made them famous (fans will not find any updated versions of The Scientist or Fix You ), but this doesn’t really seem to matter. The closest Mylo Xyloto gets is the slow-burning Up In Flames, which is essentially a break-up song that has a gorgeously mellow tone to it.


    In all, another home run for Coldplay. 8/10.


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    Latest photos of Coldplay (well, mainly Chris Martin) at the MTV European Music Awards, Belfast (6th November 2011):
















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