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    New songs aired on Radio 1 during the emotional and revealing Chris Martin interview

    As discussed last week, an interview between Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 and Chris Martin was planned to air today and it proved to be the biggest talking point of "Ghost Stories" so far with Chris not only revealing experiences from his personal life but talking through parts of the album with Zane Lowe which led to several clips being played.


    The following new tracks were playing during the interview


    Always In My Head - Half of the song.

    Oceans - All of the song pretty much.

    A Sky Full of Stars - Partly.

    O - Partly.

    O (Reprise) - featuring Chris's daughter, Apple Martin! (She also sings a tiny part in Always in My Head Due for release with Target deluxe edition (US only) or everywhere else in around 6 months!


    The main key points are that A Sky Full of Stars has been produced by Avicii, in the same way Jon Hopkins had produced Midnight, you can hear a big influence but its not a 'featuring' in the way Rihanna did in Princess of China. Chris brought the popular artist/producer, Avicii into the studio during one evening session and helped shape A Sky Full of Stars to which Chris mentioned, felt like "Cheating on the band". O was another track played during the emotional interview. O is already a massive hit with the fans due to its peaceful and simple sound and it seems to be, like Midnight and Oceans, a track best heard when listening to it in full and immersing yourself in the experience!


    Many interesting stories came to the fold during the detailed interview about Chris' personal experiences and one was when Chris seeked the help of a Sufi teacher and advised Chris if he 'sits' with his experiences and the things he has been through, they will 'alchemize', in other words, fit together to make something stronger. Before refering to Eno, Chris Martin revealed his perception on the meaning of Ghost Stories


    "The idea of "Ghost Stories" for me was how do you let the things that happened to you in the past, your ghosts, how do you let them affect your present and your future because there was a time when I was feeling they were going to drag me down, ruin my life and of those around me"


    There were quite a few eyebrow raising quotes in the hour interview, here is a recap of a few :


    - Chris Martin was once kicked out of the band for a week or two to raise the confidence of the other band members

    - The jam at the start of Magic was created by Guy Berryman

    - Jonny Buckland lost his temper once with Chris Martin telling him "I am sick of your s**t" in 2004.

    - Ghost Stories is basically 42 minutes on an emotional treadmill.

    - If Chris wasn't in the band, he would probably be performing Elton John covers on a Ferry!

    - When Chris was 16, he was in a band with Phil Harvey as a keyboard player. The name of that band was the 'Rocking Honkeys' but Chris said the name implied racial innuendo and it was a terrible name!



    You can listen to the Radio 1 interview in full below to listen to the full details in what has been described by many Coldplayers as the 'best Chris Martin interview ever'


    You need to be registered on our forums to view the links


    OR BBC Radio 1 have now uploaded to high quality audio to their website here

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    or watch all parts of the video version below! (now including the full interview in one video posted on 6th May)







    A massive thanks to BBC Radio 1.


    Coldplay's new album of 2014, Ghost Stories is out in just 21 days/3 weeks!

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