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    Observations Of An Amateur Timelord

    When it comes to promotional material, the good old BBC beats everyone hands down. Some PR people attempt to bribe journalists with T shirts (too big, invariably) or miserly quantities of alcohol.


    But back in February 2006, bright sparks in the Doctor Who marketing team sent out time machines! It's caused chaos, frankly, with critics using the technology to zip forward in time, returning to file reviews of Coldplay's fourth album before the band have started making it, or reveal what Lost is all about before the writing team even know (it was all Charlie's dream, it turns out, the clue to this being the utter implausibility of a band called Driveshaft selling any records). I'm fairly sure I'm the first person to travel back to January 2006 to file a review of the year before it's happened, but I think I spotted a writer for Mojo zipping past in his TARDIS in the direction of 1980, possibly to shout "Duck!" at John Lennon.


    If he makes it, things could get very complicated, and that BBC PR person could be in serious trouble for inadvertently creating an alternate universe where Doctor Who didn't even get remade, let alone pull in millions of viewers, which would kind of defeat the point of the whole promotional campaign.


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