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    Omaha review: Coldplay doesn't disappoint at Qwest Center

    magicball2.jpgColdplay didn't let down its fans Saturday night, even if frontman Chris Martin said he was nervous about it. Most in their teens and 20s, more than 11,000 people showed up at Qwest Center Omaha on Saturday night to see the Grammy-winning British quartet, writes the Omaha World Herald.


    Making stops all over the world, the group has been on its “Viva La Vida” tour since nearly a year ago. “I don't know why it's taken us so long to get to Nebraska. We must have been nervous,” frontman Chris Martin joked. “But on tonight's evidence, we have no reason to be nervous. You've been very warm and inviting. At least we rehearsed this concert 217 times before we brought it to Nebraska. I hope it is up to your expectations.”


    Looking like gray versions of the Beatles from the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,” the group took the stage wearing pseudo-military uniforms during the song “Life in Technicolor,” the opening track from their mega-popular 2008 album “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.”Saturday's concert was like an advertisement for the album. The group performed nearly every song from the album, and their clothes, guitars, drums, video screens and pianos were decorated with “Viva La Vida” logos and artwork. The group also worked in past hits, including “Yellow,” “Fix You” and “Clocks.”


    During their 2000 hit “Yellow,” yellow light flooded the arena while dozens of huge balloons full of confetti were tossed into the crowd. Martin ended the song by asking the crowd to give him a balloon, which he smashed with his guitar, showering himself in confetti. The group worked their stage setup into the performance throughout the show, with lights and lasers pulsating to the music, spherical video screens and — during the song “Lovers in Japan” — plenty of butterfly-shaped confetti.


    Martin got the crowd roaring at every opportunity. He asked for screams from fans, prompted them to sing along during “Fix You” and asked the crowd to get out their cell phones in the darkened arena. He also threw himself around the stage, dancing, bouncing and clapping. The band made an effort to reach out to fans in each corner of the arena.


    Some fans in the back of the arena got a special treat when the group exited the stage and headed to the opposite end of the room, where a small stage (just big enough for the foursome) was set up in the middle of the audience. To cheers, Martin sang, “If you want to make your audience go off with a boom, you gotta visit the people in the back of the room.”


    While on the tiny stage, the group performed “Green Eyes” and an acoustic cover of the Monkees' “I'm a Believer,” and drummer Will Champion sang “Death Will Never Conquer.”


    Exiting the concert, fans were handed a copy of “Left Right Left Right Left,” a nine-track live CD recorded earlier in the band's tour. The live CD can also be downloaded for free from the band's Web site. Opening the show was Australian band Howling Bells and Irish group Snow Patrol. Snow Patrol pulled off a rare feat for an opening band: They received a standing ovation when they left the stage.


    Fans screamed out the words to nearly every tune from Snow Patrol. Things got especially heated when the band played its 2006 hit “Chasing Cars,” which became popular after being featured on “Grey's Anatomy.”


    Source: Omaha World Herald


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