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    Parr Street Studios: Come Stay In Our Pod Hotel

    parrstpod.jpgPod living is coming to Liverpool at the new-look Parr Street Studios hotel.


    The new owners, who rescued the studio complex from being sold off to property developers last month, have ambitious plans for the city centre site, starting with an upgrade of the hotel including a 21st century version of Japanese-style pods, which new boss Gary Millar says will "make a bit of a splash internationally".


    Pod hotel rooms were invented by the Japanese in the 1990s due to lack of development space in the capital Tokyo. They were synonymous with so-called "love hotels" frequented by Japanese businessmen.But Mr Millar, chief executive of Parr Street Studios Ltd, said: "They will be more sophisticated than the Japanese 'love hotels' and their use will be purely for affordable sleep and relaxation - we'll leave the love to the Japanese."


    The pods will be installed early next year to extend capacity beyond the current 12 rooms which have largely been used by musicians recording in the adjacent studios, including chart topping bands Echo and the Bunnymen and Coldplay.


    Mr Millar said the rooms will be refurbished first, followed by installation of at least five pods. He said St Helens-based Starbank Panel Products will build the pods which he is designing. He anticipates each pod will include a single-level soundproofed sleeping chamber with a single bed, storage, internet connection, LCD screen/DVD player, iPod connection, speakers, LED daylight light, air cooler and showerwhere possible.


    He said overnight charges are expected to be £25+VAT and support services like laundry, meal deliveries and business services will be offered.


    Source: http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk

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