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    Reactions to "A Sky Full of Stars" & Jools Holland performance

    Tuesday 29th May is the date the most hyped Coldplay single to date, A Sky Full of Stars finally hit the ears of all fans who had not been lucky enough to hear it live at the intimate shows performed in the US and in Germany.


    It started off with a mixed reception but the gauge of positivity is increasing based on the latest poll results on our website and forum. the eighth single off Ghost Stories had set quite a high bar for itself and it did not meet the expectations for some but generally, was a big hit and it very much certain to be a massive hit across the world and it will take off very soon! Over half of fans so far have rated 'ASFOS' 8/10 or higher with a perfect 10/10 score increasing in percentage faster than any other rating.




    Next, was the live performance on Jools Holland on BBC 2 (UK) which links will be available to soon while UK users can rewind on the live BBC Iplayer within a few hours from the performance.


    Coldplay started off the show with the cool Magic and finished the set after performances by various artists including The Black Keys and Damon Albarn by performing the energetic and uplifting A Sky Full of Stars which featured a Ghost piano player! This allowed Chris to dance and jump around which was great viewing and easy on the eye! The live version of A Sky Full of Stars has received an even more positive reception.


    Here is Magic (sorry non UK fans, BBC are only allowing UK users to view but keep an eye on our multimedia forum!)


    A Sky Full of Stars links are in our multimedia forum


    Video for UK fans

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