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    [Recap] Coldplaying.com Catches Up With Coldplay's Oxfam Tour Co-ordinator

    petelusby1.jpgIn case you missed it the first time round, Coldplaying.com caught up with Oxfam's Pete Lusby to find out more about life on tour, volunteering and Oxfam. Pete is currently touring with Coldplay, promoting Oxfam's campaigns to concert-goers. Joined by teams of dedicated volunteers, Oxfam are raising awareness of, and advising of how we can all take action to overcome, poverty.


    Hi Pete! Thanks for sparing some of your time to answer some questions. How did you become involved with Oxfam?

    I'd always known about it from the Oxfam shops in Britain. I learnt more through a Development Studies course at university.. and seeing Oxfam at Glastonbury Festival. I started out working for Oxfam as an intern. I volunteered full-time for six months from April 2007. I was working as the assistant coordinator on the Oxfam GB Festivals programme. We were doing a similar thing to what we do on band tours. Volunteer campaigners helped over 101'000 festival-goers sign a Climate Change petition. We also had a chill-out/Fairtrade coffee/dance tent and an Oxfam Campervan, at some of the festivals which was great fun to work on. After that I worked on 'Oxjam', Oxfam's fundraising music festival in UK, another band tour with Klaxons in the UK, and then on fundraising challenge events like the London Marathon and Trailwalker. Then Coldplay came up... and I jumped at the chance.


    What’s your favourite thing about working for Oxfam?

    I love meeting people who are enthusiastic about Oxfam's work to fight poverty, whether that's our volunteers or music fans who see us out there at the venues. It's good to know that the work we are doing can make a difference to people's lives. I won't lie to you though.. working at festivals and gigs is a great buzz too.


    Read the full interview article here [thanks jenjie]

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