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    Ricky Gervais The Ex-Boss Of Coldplay Drummer, Will Champion!

    Chris Martin appeared on two Australian radio stations during their Monday morning, chatting to them about a range of topics and while on the subject of Chris lending a helping hand to Ricky Gervais, Chris surprisingly revealed that Coldplay's previous history with the comedian goes back to when they were all working regular day jobs!


    Yes, the man who later went on to star as David Brent in the British comedy classic, 'The Office' employed a certain Mr Champion, as a doorman (at a bar)! The other members of Coldplay (as they weren't known back then) were working as cleaners! Chris reflected upon their long journey together and likened Ricky to "a naughty cousin".


    For David Brent's latest film (currently being filmed), Chris Martin was asked to help make a song "sound like Coldplay", to which the Devonshire born singer obliged. The effort from Coldplay's singer was very brief though and is thought to be "20 seconds" worth of work.

    Summary - Interviews with Nova FM and 2Day FM

    Here are the little nuggets of info taken from both of Chris' interviews with the Aussie radio stations:

    Chris Martin and U.S President Obama are fans of each other. Obama once texted Chris to ask if it was ok to add Coldplay to his Spotify playlist

    On the subject of childhood dreams, Chris joked, "My dream was to be an air hostess but they told me it was never gonna happen"

    'A Head Full Of Dreams' was the title of Coldplay's forthcoming album before any song was ever written for it

    Chris mentions (once again) the large level of influence of Rumi's poem, 'The Guest House' has on forthcoming material


    Audio Downloads Of Both Interviews Will Be Available Here

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