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    Robert Cohen: Coldplay Affectionate Plagiarism of Radiohead

    thomyorke1.jpgAdriana Cisneros decided to raise money to fund her upcoming summer internship the fun way. She’s putting on a rock show.


    “I’m not really a promoter, this is my first time doing this, but I’m considering doing more,” Cisneros, 19, said. “There are other promoters in town trying to make a big music scene here and I think it’s about time. We need a big music scene in Brownsville.”


    Cisneros’ benefit show, dubbed “Tunnelvision,” happens tonight at The Tunnel café in Brownsville. Cisneros hopes to travel to New York City this summer to work with the New York City Relief ministries. Tonight’s show will feature Los Fresnos’ Death to a Star, and Encer, Obscurity and Cyst from Brownsville.


    “I would say my music is, like, affectionate plagiarism of Radiohead, kind of like what Coldplay does,” said solo performer Robert Cohen a.k.a. Cyst.Cohen uses tape players and DVD players on stage to air looped tracks and “noise” while he bangs out ethereal melodies on electric and acoustic guitar. “Sometimes my little sister plays clarinet,” he said.


    Cohen and Cisneros have been friends for years, he said, and he was the first to volunteer to play “Tunnelvision.” “She’s my friend, so I got behind it to get her to be a part of this internship. We really want people to come to help her,” he said.


    Cisneros, a Brownsville native and a student at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, said her internship would involve feeding and counseling New York City’s homeless. New York City Relief is a faith-based community outreach program that offers counseling and resources such as drug rehabilitation services, housing and job training to those in need. “I want to learn how to deal with homeless people and how to serve them,” Cisneros said.


    Cisneros worked with a similar program last year in Hearst. While in Hearst, she counseled and clothed the city’s homeless. She said the experience help cement her future in faith-based community service. “I feel it’s my calling. I’m a Christian and I feel God is calling me to do that, to help,” she said.


    Source: brownsvilleherald.com

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