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    Saratoga Springs fan review: Coldplay finally hit SPAC

    magicball3.jpgA comprehensive review of Coldplay's concert at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY (27th July 2009) has emerged online, courtesy of Killing Myself To Live @ Blogspot. Here is the review:


    “Uhm, so we’re two months late,” Chris Martin said last night. “Sorry we had to cancel before. We’re fuckers.” It's okay Chris. I forgive you. Coldplay was supposed to play on May 27 in Saratoga but it got postponed due to a “band emergency.” I was heartbroken at the time, but after FINALLY seeing the show last night, it was worth the wait...and the $41 lawn ticket. Actually, it was so great that I regretted not spending the $80-$100 for an inside seat...but if I did that I would have missed Chris Martin singing “Billie Jean” on a stage ON THE LAWN A MERE INCHES FROM ME. In the words of Perez Hilton, it was “amazeballs.” Amazeballs times 100.


    How can I even begin to explain the Coldplay concert? I feel like words would fail. I mean, Coldplay is by no means the greatest band when they record, but man are they fantastic live. The entire show was amazing. Their albums are good, "Viva La Vida" was pretty awesome, but if they just released live albums, they could be the next Zeppelin, well maybe not, but close. Chirs Martin, for being so media-shy and reserved in interviews has this stage presence that you wouldn’t expect.

    When he talks to magazines or online blogs the quirky white guy from England has about as much flavor as a rice cake, but when he’s on stage, he flails, jumps around, throws himself on the ground. He’s got personality out the ass and it’s entertaining to watch, to say the least. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Chris Martin can hit those high notes (like in “Fix You” and “The Scientist”) in real life and outside of a recording studio.


    The band played through all the hits and all of their newest album. The only song they played off “X&Y” was “Fix You” which made me cry, as per usual. There was butterfly confetti during “Lovers in Japan”, yellow balloons floating around during “Yellow,” and really awesome pink lights during “Strawberry Swing.” In fact, the lights were pretty awesome too. Coldplay didn’t hold back for this tour and it paid off. It was probably the best concert I’ve been to all summer...the best concert I’ve been to since Radiohead in Montreal last August (Sorry Bob Dylan, I love you, but your live show’s got nothing on these funky white boys from England.)


    Show highlight: Chris’ “dancing” (Read: having a seizure with rhythm) to “Clocks.”


    I’ve never seen so much energy from a crowd and from an entire band. Usually it’s just the frontman that dances around and gets people off, but Coldplay have this dynamic on stage. It’s not just the Chirs Martin show, it’s a real band. You go to see COLDPLAY, not the lead singer. Drummer Will Champion, guitarist Jonny Buckland and bassist Guy Berryman played tightly and crisply, proving their range from atmospheric numbers such as the hit “Clocks” into harder rockers such as “42” and “Politik,” with its slamming rhythms juxtaposing gentle crooned portions from Martin.


    They all play off one another and just make fantastic music. After this tour I can’t wait for a new album, especially if they keep this vibe up. It was mind blowing the way they can translate their studio albums perfectly into live rock anthems. I had a dream last night that Chirs Martin and I went jet skiing. Now, I do not jet ski and I can’t imagine Chris on one either but, usually, when I have a dream about a band after a concert it’s because the show had a profound effect on me. Which this one did.


    I went in really liking Coldplay and I left loving them. I went in expecting a mediocre show from a good band, I left with my head buzzing from a fantastic show by a great band. I was always reluctant to “LOVE” Coldplay because honestly, most of their fans are dicks. They scream about Coldplay as rock Gods and better than Radiohead, etc, etc... (Sorry Chris, you were awesome but no one beats a Thom Yorke performance)


    This show converted me to the church of Coldplay. I even think that they may be highly underrated. If you don’t like Coldplay and you’re solely basing your opinion on the studio albums, I urge you to see them live. Not only will you have a great time, but it will change your mind about Coldplay all together. They are a legitimate force to be reckoned with. World, get ready: British invasion Part Deux.


    Source: Killing Myself To Live @ Blogspot


    Coldplay at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY (27th July 2009):
























    Pictures by maggieroseee @Flickr (xmonstermaggie @ Coldplaying)


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