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    [Singapore] Coldplay not sticking to formulas

    singapore.jpgThey are one of the hottest bands right now and wowed a full-house this week at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Having sold over 50,000 records world-wide - not to mention picking up a couple of Grammys along the way - Coldplay is on top of the world.


    But the UK band isn't settling on any formula for success but constantly evolving their sound. The UK band took a very different direction for their fourth album - Viva La Vida - and many said it's the most experimental offering from Coldplay. Though it wasn't well received by some critics, it's one of the top selling albums of last year.


    "People have a lot of choice of entertainment and when you have made three records, you need to give everyone a very good reason to buy a fourth record because they've already heard the sound of the group three times. So I think when we came to our 4th piece of music, we better start to go in different directions a bit," said Chris Martin, Coldplay's vocalist.


    Read the full article at the Coldplay forum here onwards.

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