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    Summit Steel On Coldplay World Tour (production rigging technical stuff!)

    vivalavida.jpgUK - Summit Steel is supplying production rigging plus two automation systems and control for the European and UK sections of the current Coldplay Viva la Vida world tour.


    Summit's Jay Call has co-ordinated the project from its Kent HQ, liaising closely with the touring crew including head rigger Gabe Wood and production manager Craig Finlay.


    The supply includes a 26 way Kinesys variable speed automation system with K2 control and a 10-way Kinesys fixed speed automation system with Vector control; 46 1 tonne CM Lodestar hoists and eight half tonnes for lighting and scenic rigging, along with a further two 2 tonne and twenty 1 tonne hoists for the PA hangs and 76 cm and 52 cm JTE trussing.

    Twenty-two of the 26 Kinesys vari-speed motors (being run in conjunction with Kinesys Elevation 1+ control units) are being used to automate a series of 'wave' trusses - four individual runs of bespoke curved ladder beam flown horizontally, each section with a slightly different curve. Together they create a sine wave effect, and move into different positions throughout the show.


    The other four vari-speeds are automating two upstage trusses rigged with a series of drapes, soft goods and scenic elements.


    The fixed speed system is used to fly five inflatable globes onstage, each with a projector mounted vertically at the top, pointing directly into the mouth of the sphere. The globes fly in and out during the show on the 10 half tonne fixed speed hoists. A sixth globe/projector is flown above the front-of-house position.


    The 76m JTE trussing was specified primarily because they needed trussing with sufficient depth to carry the majority of the Kinesys hoists, the Elevation 1+s, control cabling for the automated systems and for some of the fixed system within the truss. This was to help expedite the get ins and outs.


    The stage has two thrusts either side jutting out into the audience, and the normal stage set up features seven standard cross stage trusses, plus four offstage cable management trusses, two per side. Of these overstage trusses, two carry the vari speed hoist system for the four wave trusses, and one the fixed speed half tonne hoists flying three of the five globes.


    Above the thrusts are two additional runs of trussing, each of which is used for lighting points with another wave truss suspended below. These are also utilised to hang two under-hung spot chairs per truss, and as a cable route to the two FOH trusses.


    Jay Call comments: "With a band such as Coldplay, who are actively involved in all artistic elements of the tour, the show has continued to evolve and this has required regular re-thinks and adjustments. Needless to say, all of the tour personnel have risen to the challenge, shown much good grace and patience and have been a pleasure to work with."


    Source: http://www.lsionline.co.uk

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