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    Sunday Times Reviews Coldplay's Prospekts March EP

    prospektsmarchep2.jpgWhat you don’t want to do, if you’re as big as Coldplay, is to suddenly start writing new material just when you’ve agreed the release date for your album and the world tour has been slotted into everyone’s diary, reports the Sunday Times.


    The wheels of big business are rolling and they won’t wait for your new songs. Coldplay’s way of dealing with this is Prospekts March, an EP that rounds up the material that wasn’t finished in time to get onto Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. There are eight tracks here, most of them genuinely new, and while there have been a few hints that this is material too edgy to get onto a Coldplay album, the truth is that these songs are pretty much interchangeable with those on Viva.


    So, if you like that album, this will be a welcome bonus.

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