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    [Tampa] Little Done Yet To Cut Concert Noise

    With the summer concert season hitting stride this month, a November pact settling a legal battle over noise at the Ford Amphitheatre faces a critical test. Nearby residents will hear just how much the truce muffles noise in the coming months when arena rockers Sammy Hagar, the Black Crowes and Def Leppard take the stage.


    These acts will play to a tough crowd - outside the amphitheater. Since the concert venue opened in July 2004 along Interstate 4 at the Florida State Fairgrounds east of Tampa, residents have lodged more than 400 complaints to government agencies about noise. An ensuing lawsuit cost the county more than $600,000 in legal fees and ended in a settlement that residents said gave away the store to the amphitheater.


    two residents complained about the Ford Amphitheatre one night, and there wasn't a concert. Two complained during a Coldplay concert, but when Live Nation employees went to their homes, they recorded levels below the county limits. It's not the first time Coldplay have been too noisy for residents.


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