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    The Day I Jammed With Coldplay [Make A Wish Foundation]

    You may remember recently Roadie #42 posted a blog where he talked about Ricardo, the drummer from the Make A Wish Foundation... well now you can watch the a video of Ricardo playing The Scientist with Coldplay here [thanks mimixxx]


    The Denver show brings a guest at soundcheck. We are joined by a chap called Ricardo Leon, who's here with the Make A Wish foundation - his wish being to play drums with Coldplay. He makes his way to the stage on a motorised wheelchair, which does make one wonder how he'd manage with a drumkit.


    Once on the drumstool though, there's no question. It soon becomes clear that not only is he an excellent timekeeper, but he also has the parts down to any Coldplay song they care to mention. They give Politik a crack, then he suggests Amsterdam. Chris sheepishly admits that he can't for the life of him remember how to play it (even though Ricardo will clearly know it inside and out). They move on to The Scientist, before getting a bit more rock with Sleep Chant.



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