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    The Killers Admit Being Inspired By Coldplay

    brandonflowers.jpgChris Martin and Win Butler’s musical troupes “make me want to do better” says Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers.


    Brandon Flowers [pictured] has admitted that the only bands who’ve pushed The Killers to greater heights are Coldplay and Arcade Fire. Speaking to London’s daily free paper Metro, Flowers also revealed that today’s bands are too ego-driven to take tips from their peers. “I think artists of my generation have too big egos to be inspired by each other”, he said. “Although I’m not afraid to say that Arcade Fire and Coldplay’s new stuff makes me want to do better.”


    In the same interview, Flowers admitted that his hometown of Las Vegas exerted a huge influence on the band and his fondness for the place continues to grow as he gets older.

    “The older I get, the more romance I have with the desert that spawned me. It’s not just about the neon city, Elvis and Frank Sinatra – it’s the fact that being in Vegas excluded us from the ‘indie-ness’ of other places. I didn’t know that what we were doing might be considered uncool. If The Killers had been based in New York or Portland, we would’ve done things ironically… Like I said, I don’t understand why more people don’t wear sequins”



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