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    The Top 5 - 'Worst Coldplay Songs'

    For every band, espicially those with a discography as large as Coldplay's, there are certain songs which fans remain critical of. 'Sheikwonder' in the Coldplaying community decided to make this a discussion and find out your 'Worst Coldplay Songs'. We've compiled the responses into a top 5 countdown.


    Bear in mind, some of these songs have love/hate relationship with other fans, so they could top some fans favourite lists too.


    Without further ado, here's the critical countdown (Chris, you might want to look away, now!):


    Worst Coldplay Songs - Top 5


    #5 - Another's Arms


    Described by 'a2iel' as "boring as hell except for the bridge guitar", while the very brunt 'howyousawtheworld' states: "there's a good song in there....somewhere, probably buried under the awful vocal melody and lyrics"


    Another's Arms


    #4 - A Whisper


    "A Whisper, always skip that song, its not good at all", 'Xylobryte7' remarks. The 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' track fell to last position within previous popularity polls on Coldplay's second album.



    #3 - 'Paradise'


    'Captain Crieff' finds the 'Mylo Xyloto' single to be very 'meh', while 'WeddingDom' can't stand the 'Para Para' and 'Whooohs' of the chorus!


    Will Paradise


    #2 - 'A Sky Full Of Stars'


    "A generic track wherein Guy, Jonny, and Will sound like an uninspired studio band", 'Lennyrott1' mentions. 'Archiderp' thinks "Avicii did a great job in EDM terms. But, it's not Coldplay. It would be better on an Avicii album. I would love to hear the Coldplay version untouched by Avicii though".



    #1 - Princess Of China (Feat. Rihanna)


    The band's controversial track with Rihanna is not a surprising choice, with endless criticism from fans on our messageboards, since the tune was unveiled in 2011. 'ColdplayingfromKansas' posted "The lyrics . . . they're so bad I just can't fathom how this made it onto the album. Plus Rihanna, ugh no".


    Coldplay Rihanna


    Do you agree with this list? Let us know on the 'Worst Coldplay Songs Ever' topic


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