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    Times Online: Chris Martin's 'rush of blood to the head' (60 Minutes)

    coldplaybandrules.jpgThe Times Online have written an article entitled: LA Notebook - The mystery of Coldplay's publicity strategy. I still don't think they like Coldplay. Here is an excerpt from their article:


    Chris Martin, of Coldplay, is a right old plonker, isn't he? There he was, in an interview with 60 Minutes after the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, explaining a sign on his studio wall that reads: “ALWAYS KEEP MYSTERY - not many interviews.” It wasn't clear if Martin had planned to reveal this edict (one of ten on a sheet of laser-printed A4 spotted by the CBS camera crew), but after reading it aloud he seemed to realise what he had done. “I feel like I've just shown you my underpants,” he groaned.


    If it's any consolation for Martin, I felt like I'd just seen his underpants. What kind of a masochist would keep telling himself not to do interviews, and then - doh! - do an interview revealing - double-doh! - that he keeps telling himself not to do interviews, because they destroy the “mystery” of Coldplay's carefully managed brand? Somewhere on Sunday night, a publicist's forehead must have been making violent impact with a breezeblock wall.


    Read the full article on their website here. Let us know what you thought of the article at the 60 Minutes thread here onwards.

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