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    [Toronto Preview] Coldplay Ready to Soft-Rock the Air Canada

    Enjoy a Toronto show preview, courtesy of martiniboys.com:


    This is a begrudging FYI. While I'll conceal my own personal feelings towards the band (I think you can guess), I have to grit my teeth and admit that Coldplay are still one of the biggest bands in the world right now.


    Enough so, that when they come to town, it's always newsworthy. So I couldn't in good conscience ignore it. For those who don't know, Coldplay play a non-offensive brand of arena-ready (good for the Air Canada Centre crowd) bombastic rock anthems that have been compared to Jeff Buckley and Echo and the Bunnymen, but in reality are more comparable to Rod Stewart and Peter Gabriel. Oh, and U2.


    It's impossible to forget U2, what with Chris Martin's Bono Complex. Yes, that's a thing. So get out your lighters (or these days cell phones) and get ready to soft rock!



    Toronto is a busy place. With restaurants and bars opening and closing everyday, concerts being performed nonstop, and news developing faster than it can be reported, it's hard to stay afloat. You need a guide. Martiniboys is here to help.


    Keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes to the blogs, we've collected all the hot buzz that you need to stay informed about your fair city. Whether it be a new store opening or a shocking political scandal, you'll find it here. There's no need to thank us, we're just doing our jobs. Okay, you can thank us.


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