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    Trapezes. Are we on the verge of a single release from Coldplay?

    20110526mm27a_1.pngWell it's Monday Morning folks, and as the new lyrics suggest it does actually feel like 'another life', in Coldplay circles anyway. It seems that Coldplayers' attention has now switched from disecting the few liners of text in a 11 second video to realising that we're all on the verge of a single release. Even Albie has reappeared, so something must be going down (the more experienced of you within Coldplaying will know what that's all about).


    Today's developments will be interesting... given that the lyrics appear 'complete' - will we receive more lyrics, news on a release, or nothing at all? (today is a national holiday in the UK for those who didn't know, as well as Memorial Day in the States). Keep an eye out on the official Twitter and the messageboard for information!


    And how does all this affect the forthcoming festivals tour? As MasoKnight on the forums put it, "Not to get anybody too hyped up (and I'm sure this has been said a dozen times on here), but I think we're gonna get a significant amount of material in the next month or so. It's just hard for me to imagine them doing the Viva tour all over again this summer. Of course, it would also be cool if they played a bunch of really old stuff, though...

    So far the lyrics we've received including Sunday's video amount to the following:


    I turn the music up

    I got my records on

    I shut the world outside until the lights come on


    Maybe the streets alight

    Maybe the trees are gone

    I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song


    And all the kids they dance

    All the kids all night

    Until Monday morning feels another life


    I turn the music up

    I'm on a roll this time

    and heaven is in sight


    I turn the music up

    I got my records on

    From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song

    Don't wanna see another generation drop

    I'd rather be a comma than a full stop


    Maybe I'm in the black

    Maybe I'm on my knees

    Maybe I'm in the gap

    Between two trapezes


    Or at least that's just one version, other people have other ways of rearrangement. The latest lyrics video has now taken the "Walking Man and Lyrics Videos + New GIFs + Screencaps/grabs" to over 100 pages, 1500 posts and 50000 page views in just five full days. Read on for some of your latest comments and thoughts on the lyrics/song/arrangement so far...


    If I'm right about Friday, that's 4 videos until the release. Maybe a bit late, I'm not sure they can make four videos with sound clearer and clearer. What about Thursday, just *before* the first festival ? Edit : forgot one detail. We have the most part of the lyrics I think. So that could be earlier than Thursday... I love tonight's snippet, by the way. Especially the end. [thanks Pikrass]


    I'm hoping that there will be a new single very soon. Or at least some sort of news as to when we could expect something like this. I know that they've all said no to this... But I'd be really, really surprised that with all these snippets, if they didn't play something new at Glastonbury. [thanks Nattatouille]


    Well I give it to them for releasing little teasers on the weekend... Obviously the song wasn't gonna be released on a Sunday, but fingers crossed next announcements are more concrete. We've waited years for this, and they are still making us wait longer. Wish they had just released the single, and then teased us with other songs on the album.. [thanks a2iel]


    I think that the lyrics are all there now but i'm not sure about the tempo, i have a feeling it's either sung slowly or at a fast pace cos in my head and out loud that's how they best sound to me. If i could put a bet on an announcement for tomorrow then i would but if it's another teaser then i'm gonna go insane! [thanks squibby92]


    I'd just like to say that these latest batch of lyrics are the best so far. i felt like theyve gotten progressively better, and i only started feeling any form of real depth from the "id rather be a comma than a full stop" bit. however, i feel these lyrics are extremely deep and really really good. the bit about being in the gap between two trapezes, wow. i.e. falling through mid-air not being able to hold onto the supports beside you, which echoes the first line of "maybe im in the black" (falling through the air). it paints such a vivid picture in my mind its like ive constructed the entire scene in my mind. i think it goes without saying that "being on my knees" is about a cry for help, also at home in its surrounding lyrics, dark and deep, i love it! [thanks lutzno]


    The lyrics seem like lyrics for a song that is outgoing, bold, loud and even passionate. That would be a complete turnaround from the common Coldplay that was sensitive, melancholic and deeply personal. The lyrics are clearly about an individual or a group who is closing the world off around him and enjoying himself in amongst terror/war torn city that is happening outside which is shown in the lyrics: "Maybe the streets alight /Maybe the trees are gone / From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song /Don't want this generation to stop / I'd rather be a comma than a full stop". Seems great lyrics stressing a desire for continuity than an end to something. Maybe feels his generation and the culture of his generation is at risk of getting wiped out by the tearing and destroying impact of war, not just in a physical sense but in a social sense as well. He or they are trying to find solace and comfort in his favourite tunes. It's fantastic these lyrics. I certainly don't feel the lyrics are coming from Chris Martin's personal experience. Rather he's put himself in the mind of a youth caught up in war. Influence of White Rose movement/anti nazi resistence movement shining through maybe? [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    I think it's a clue that was on the Coldplay website, remember the little man jumping on that clock? Maybe the most information of the album is in the entire website! [thanks Vincent664]


    Just telepathically message Guy. The rest of the band wouldn't know the first thing about releasing the single....they'd probably end up accidentily deleting the file. [thanks JackZ]


    But isn't Guy the one who left AROBTTH or something on a bus? can he really be trusted more than the others? :P [thanks coldplayisawesome]


    Everybody who is like 'ohhh this sounds scary/bad/awful (please choose which applies to you, lol) needs to seriously save judgement until the song is heard. the lyrics seem 'okay' but that's because we haven't heard the track. I seriously can not wait to just zone out and listen to the song with my earphones and have it on repeat. because it's coldplay i know I'll convince myself I love it no matter what the outcome is, and c'mon, they have never let us down (I may be speaking for myself here) but like, I think part of waiting for a new album is the excitement of getting just a sliver of news and blowing it out of proportion, all of this waiting and lyrical clue give me an extra ounce of excitement in the buildup to the release. this is great. roll on the full release which I hope (and fingers crossed) is next week before the first festival slot. [thanks Bonus_mosher]


    I had to head to the forum even before I got my cup of tea! I so hope today is the day! Do you think the single will be released today? It would be sooo awesome! I am so looking forward to everything that comes with a new album: the promotion, the videos, the live appearances, argh!!! So exciting! Now that they taunted us so much, they sure can´t make us wait any longer for the new music... [thanks valypan]


    Latest photos of Coldplay at the Beehive (May 2011): [thanks laurenev49]






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