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    UPDATED: Q Magazine fallout: what the media wrote on Coldplay following 25th anniversary edition

    20110928qtwfi1a_1.jpgA few interesting storylines have popped up online following the publication of the Coldplay article as featured in the 25th anniversary edition of Q Magazine earlier in the week. As a result of the Q&A session with Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will, so far we've seen headlines on Chris's envy of Lady Gaga, Adele and Jay-Z, his wish for anything but an ordinary funeral and crying when Amy Winehouse comes on. The Q article seems to be very tongue in cheek, but boy do the media take the contents seriously. Here's a round-up of the stories making the headlines...


    Popdash and DigitalSpy went with the headline "Coldplay's Chris Martin Reveals Lady Gaga, Jay-Z Envy". They wrote pretty much the same: "Coldplay's Chris Martin has claimed that he is envious of stars such as Lady Gaga and Jay-Z who can write universal pop songs. Martin, whose band will release their new album 'Mylo Xyloto' in October, made the comments in the latest issue of Q. Discussing his fellow A-list songwriters, Martin stated that hearing the work of others inspires him to make his own work good enough to compete. "When I hear Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody' or Adele's 'Someone Like You' or Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance', it's like, 'F*ck, that's good, I've got to try and do something better than that'. he said. Even close friends are not safe from Martin's green eyes, as he says about Jay-Z, "It's constant competition but born out of love. Or Jay-Z's 'Empire State Of Mind'. Jay revealed that when he was playing stadiums with us. Why would you do that to us? Why would you open a gig and then play a song that's better than any of our songs, you f*cking b*tard? Why would you do that to someone you claim to be friends with?" Conceding: "But then it also drives you to write better songs."

    Meanwhile, Viagogo preferred to concentrate on Chris Martin jokingly wishing for a tribute funeral, writing the headline "Coldplay frontman: I want a tribute concert when I die", saying: "Chris Martin has said he wants a concert to be played in tribute to him when he dies and it is possible such an event could draw a large crowd, since Coldplay tickets sold out in minutes for the band's forthcoming tour. The singer spoke about the subject in an interview with Q Magazine, joking that he did not want a traditional funeral. "All I want when I die is a simple tribute concert at Wembley Stadium. That's all I ask. And maybe a covers album," he stated. People attending a Coldplay live show this December may have a rare chance to see the frontman display emotion, as the 35-year-old claimed he has learned to suppress his feelings "except on record". However, Martin admitted that he cried when listening to the Amy Winehouse song Back to Black after the pop star died.


    However, FansShare ran with the Amy Winehouse story, with an article entitled "Chris Martin of Coldplay cried over Amy Winehouse", saying: "Chris Martin, the Coldplay frontman spoke to Q Magazine recently and joked about his morbid desire for a funeral concert when he kicks the bucket and how he couldn’t help but cry when listening to Amy Winehouse following her death. Chris Martin talked candidly about emotions and how he struggles to show any, but couldn’t help crying while listening to Amy Winehouses ‘Back to Black’ album following her death, he said "The last song to make me cry would be 'Back to Black' because she[Amy Winehouse] died, but that record moves me anyway” he then went onto talk more about how he struggles with showing his emotions saying “I'm 35. I don't cry any more, I just tense my muscles and grit my teeth. I'm getting progressively more English, managing to learn how to suppress all my feelings, except on record."


    This just in from Sky News Australia - "Chris Martin recalls 'life of crime'" - Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says his 'life of crime' ended during his childhood when his cousin got caught shoplifting. The Coldplay frontman grew up in the UK and had a happy childhood. That didn't mean he never experimented though, as he was keen to test the boundaries. He can vividly recall trying to steal from a store with his cousin when he was younger. 'My brother and I both shoplifted once and felt bad about it. Mine was pick'n'mix (sweets),' he explained. 'I did it with my cousin but he tried to upgrade to a Mars Bar and got caught. The guy that caught him was fking terrifying so that scared me off. That was the end of my life of crime.' Martin chatted about the memory as he was thinking of the first album he ever bought. It made him recall the first record his brother really cared about, and the lengths he went to in order to get the artwork for it. '(The first record I bought was) possibly Hunting High and Low by A-ha,' Chris told Q magazine. 'My brother stole the cover of the Skid Row album from HMV because he had a recording of it on tape.' Martin also says he often feels like an 'idiot' at home because he is the only one in his family who doesn't speak Spanish. Actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow is fluent and their two children, Apple, seven, and Moses, five have been learning Spanish. He tells Spain's El Mundo newspaper, 'In my house, everyone speaks Spanish because Moses' nanny is Spanish. So I'm the only idiot who doesn't understand anything.'


    Full discussion on the Coldplay article as featured in the 25th anniversary edition of Q Magazine at the Coldplay forum now and you can read the huge scans of the full article at the Gallery also [thanks Mimixxx, LoversInJapan & comicforce]














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