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    Washington review: Coldplay ushers in summer at the Nissan Pavilion

    magicball5.jpg Coldplay made their third stop in the Washington D.C. area in the last 9 months on the Viva La Vida tour at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA.


    The grammy award winning quartet is on the last leg of their tour before a much deserved rest. The concert started out with two opening acts: The Howling Bells, an austrailian/british band and Pete Yorn. Both had their moments but were no where near the calibar of Coldplay.


    Around 9 p.m. Coldplay started off by blasting "Magnificent" by U2 followed by classical music leading into the instrumental song "Life in Technicolor." Running on stage with roman candles, Chris Martin and company skipped around stage and got into their first song "Violet Hill." After that were a cavalcade of fantastic songs: "Clocks," "In My Place", "Yellow," "Fix You" and many more. For 2 solid rock-filled hours, Coldplay blew the roof off Nissan Pavilion.

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    Aww, it was so amazing! The weather was beautiful, Pete Yorn was really great and my homemade Viva jacket seems to just keep doing its trick. My friend Kathryn came with me and my family (it was her first Coldplay!) and as we're walking to our separate seats, these two girls came up to us and started to gush over my jacket, along with the homemade Viva tote bag, my 'Strawberry Swing' shirt and my Jonny hat. They took pictures with their iPhone and then told us to close our eyes. They proceeded to give us tickets in the pit. My parents and sister were on the lawn and I told them that they were diehard fans as well. We switched tickets with my mom and went down. A few minutes later, my sister comes with an orange wristband! My parents took our actual physical not-lawn seats. Howling Bells and Pete Yorn, amazing.


    The three of us had a great time. Still, the butterflies during 'Lovers in Japan' were magical and 'Strawberry Swing' and 'Green Eyes' were my personal favorites. There were too many rude and / or drunk people there in the pit, but it was good. We all bought shirts and I got some stickers for my car. Chris' dragon was adorable! Saw Roadie 42 and loved the fact that they used the Grammy 'Sgt. Pepper on acid' jackets during the encore. We all got CDs, made it out of the parking lot quickly and was home at midnight. Coldplay, we will miss you but we'll see you whenever you come back.


    And, one thing, at school, this guy that told me he was going said he had a nice time and then starts to tell everyone that Coldplay only played three songs from the Viva la Vida album. Uh, yeah. You're a really great Coldplay fan, eh? Whatever. [thanks strawberry_swing]




    Pictures from Nissan Pavilion:






























    Pictures: Armughan Javaid


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