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    What did you think of new single 'Paradise'? Early Coldplayers' thoughts...

    coldplayparadiseartwork1_1.jpgColdplay's new single Paradise has been given its world premiere on UK radio at 7.50am today (September 12th). The track was played on the BBC's Radio 1, Radio 2 and 6 Music, as well as Absolute Radio and Xfm. Paradise has been made available as a digital download at the same time, and also features on Coldplay's official YouTube channel this morning. Chris Moyles (Radio 1) also said on-air that Coldplay were making a video all day today but stopped short of saying it was for the Paradise single... more on this as we get it.


    Please vote out of 10 on how you rate the song in our latest poll (the early poll results are after the jump). Your reviews have been coming in thick and fast in the last few hours - we appreciate your comments on what you thought of the song at the dedicated Paradise sub-forum. So far we have had some very mixed reviews - after the jump are some of your early thoughts...


    Meanwhile, Chris Martin has revealed to The Sun that Rihanna contributed guest vocals to the forthcoming Princess Of China song: "The album is designed as a whole piece," he told the paper. "It has boy and girl lead characters and top of our list for the girl part was Rihanna… but it took a while to pluck up the courage to ask her." (We will have the full Coldplayers' feedback for you later...)

    Your early messageboard comments on the new single 'Paradise':


    My opinion: 6/10. It's the same thing over and over again. Although it is catchy, it's equally annoying. It's too synthy and Johnny's guitar isn't unpacked until the very end. And while they claimed it to be a narrative, it doesn't tell much of a story. The lyrics are cheesy. But heck, I still have trouble hating any Coldplay song. It does have some cool bass, and it sounds like Champion isn't giving his set any mercy. This song seems to follow a similar path to Every Teardrop, but the predecessor is more tolerable in my opinion. I just can't deal with no guitar for 4/5 of the song. Despite this song being a flop in my mind, I still have high hopes for Mylo Xyloto. After all, four out of the six songs we've heard so far [from the album] have been absolutely genius. [thanks Rorbot]


    For sure not my kind of music and don't like the Hip-Hop/R'n'B vibe in it, altought I respect the brave of the band. For now, after three listenings, its ok. Not a song to remember and no song which I want to hear live on a concert instead of Fix you, The Scientist, Strawberry Swing and so on. [thanks Major_Love]


    I gave it a 2. I'm just...really let down. I've never rated anything that low, not even a title or album art. I don't even know how I'd rate it if it was done by another band (it certainly doesn't sound like something from one I'd really choose to listen to) and I heard it randomly on the radio or something--I just can't get over that this is a SINGLE, technically a first one at that, from one of my absolute favorite bands. [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    As a long time Coldplay fan, I've learned not to compare their new material with their old stuff. simply because the songs they wrote at those time were from experiences and ideas of that time. So I don't think that kind of thing can be recaptured if it could then those songs wouldn't be as unique and great as they were. With all that said I love the song and Jonny's riff at the end brings out the whole thing for me. [thanks Spies88]


    7. It's really good, could be better. It's unoriginal, reminds me of everything in the charts right now, and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, they have the capacity to do much better, and the "para para paradise..." gets on my nerves. [thanks QuestionsOfScience]


    It's clear: "Paradise" - made for new, not old fans. It hit me after hearing the reviews on the radio. THIS IS WHY CHARLIE BROWN WASN'T RELEASED FIRST. Coldplay have deliberately created this single and marketed it first in an undoubtedly deliberate attempt to capture new audiences, as traditional fans would have already heard the new songs via live shows and webcasts (and hence would buy the album regardless). Brilliant idea. So to have established colplay fans being a little surprised by it and feeling a little underwhelmed was all part of the risk. The universe makes sense. [thanks tauiwi]


    ParadiseSongPoll.pngIts for new fans as Speed of Sound or Viva La Vida were... not more, not less. Just wait for MX to see the real songs. Singles are always a bit commercial. But still I see the old Coldplay in Paradise. This song is still Coldplay and even THIS is more complex than Backstreet Boys. Just for naming these two in one sentence should be a reason for a lifetime ban here. You don´t like it? Okay. But seriously, its good. A single is for the mainstream for buying this album. And the mainstream will like it. Viva La Vida ist even more simple than Paradise and in my opinion Paradise is better. AS ALWAYS the Coldplay fans will be listen more to those songs AROUND the singles, like Charlie Brown, Hurts Like Heaven. [thanks GTskilled]


    This is NOT pop. You have to analyze the structure of the song and the influences that contains. It's the same alternative mode that they use, plus some of the sound influences of VLV, and the hip-hop mode from this new style about graffiti, street, etc. I like so much this song, the final is amazing. Maybe the Jonny performance would be before in the song, but it's fine. And again, if you prefer BSB [backstreet Boys] pop than Coldplay alternative mode, go away and listen it. Stop being anoying here. [thanks Blockflote]


    David [Rossi] is awesome and the piano and bass are good. But the lyrics, chorus, hip-hop beat and lack of any guitar until the end just ruins it. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is definitely better. If this keeps up I will have to change my favorite artist to Radiohead. [thanks Fix42YellowClocks]


    I'm PARAlysed by this song. What on earth are they doing, and what's with these words repetitions all the time? If they intend to make the song catchy, they FAIL. They just make it sooo annoying. Dude I'm afraid of their new album. [thanks Twisted mind]


    I think the song is great from what I've heard of it. It's just as good as any of their older music. Perhaps they just want to appeal to more people now, because Chris has said it time and time again that he just wants to play to more people than ever before. I mean, if you're going to bitch then all of the previous albums are yours to listen to, so please go do that. As far as the "autotuned" part is considered, just because you know what it means doesn't mean that you know what it does. It doesn't sound "autotuned" at all. It's just chopped up and put together. You have to make everything sound perfect on a studio quality track, which explains the chopping. Everything can't be done in one take. And I'm sure that if/when Chris performs this song, it will be just as good as the recording. And the para-para-para-dise and wa-wa-wa-wa-waterfall parts are such smart techniques of making a song catchy. Some of you might not understand that, but that's fine, your loss. [thanks Forty Two]


    The truth is that they are growing to that level that every fan that loved them from the beginning should be hoping they would get to. That is exactly where they are headed. If they have to throw out a couple catchy songs like this then so be it. They are a class act and deserve what is coming to them which is greatness. p.s. please NEVER compare them to backstreet boys. [thanks c0ldplay420]


    I have just heard PARADISE by Coldplay and I liked it very much (my first reaction). Female voices in the chorus - probably the Pierces. Just beautiful. I felt like HEAVEN when listening to that song. I liked the intro wondering whether that was the new one from Coldplay as the song started out of the blue without introduction and I was unsure of the time it would be played (at x.50 BST). But it was PARADISE and I really felt like HEAVEN. Truly beautiful. But having had the chorus with the Pierces on my mind since I heard it, I have come to realize that I might get tired of it after listening to it for some hours in a row. [thanks nancyk58]


    I like the song. It's a pop song, and pop songs are catchy. But it's nothing more than a pop song to me. There is no feeling or depth. What happened to a song like The Scientist or Fix You? Those songs make me ball my fucking eyes out. I'm actually really disappointed. I didn't need another pop song to listen to. If I wanted those I'd just turn on the radio. I wanted a Coldplay song. A song that made me forget about shit, and just focus on music for a few minutes. And for everyone who will think I'm hating on them because I want AROBTTH Part 2, that's not the case. I just want Coldplay back. [thanks rainplay]


    I don't like it because the lyrics are just...awful. And the music. I don't like the music, either. I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm losing the ability to relate to Coldplay's music. And they aren't telling interesting stories in the lyrics, either. The music isn't interesting and nothing Coldplay releases seems to have any depth anymore. I understand that they want to try new things, and that's cool. They've changed as people and as a band, and that's okay. But they're also being influenced by other things as they're writing lyrics and music, and that's sometimes...just awful. It sounds like they're going for catchy radio songs, and...well, if this says anything, I don't listen to the radio. it's 1 am and i have no clue what i'm saying anymore. [thanks The Mad Hatter]


    Wow! This must be the most emotional experience I have ever heard with a first listen...it was amazing! My analyze-mode went out of the window 4 seconds into the songs. Beautiful lyrics: so hopeful ! I will cry like a baby when I hear this live. [thanks valypan]


    ParadiseSongPoll1.pngUgh, this was a massive let down. I can't believe how lazy the lyrics are. Add to that how soulless it all sounds... I'm not a fan of ETIAW, but it's actually a lot more listenable than this IMO, which I wasn't expecting. Got to admit, I'm really not expecting a whole lot from this album now, which is a bummer. I just listened again, and noticed the lyric "every tear a waterfall"... seriously? I don't even know what to say. [thanks RunForTheHills]


    I hate it. :' ( Sounds like One Republic, which is a terrible terrible terrible thing. The hip hop beat? The dreadful overproduction? Don't even get me started on the chorus. I have tears in my eyes I am so heartbroken right now. I entered this with an open mind- I didn't love Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, but I was pleased with Major Minus and Moving to Mars. But this has annihilated my joy. With two bad songs this album will NEVER be a masterpiece. I never wanted to turn into "that fan" that turns their back on a band for taking a new direction, but my time has come. Thanks for letting me vent. I'll muster the strength to listen to it again and then post a more, erm, less emotional reply later. [thanks postcardsfromfaraway]


    It would be nice if they'd quit making songs for 13 year old girls and get some edge back. The days of GPASUYF are long gone, it appears. Major Minus live is obviously is an exception. Still, if I want to listen to synthy, poppy songs about butterflies, teardrops, paradise etc, I'll put on Owl Cty. I expect more from this band. [thanks sh45]


    Listened to it twice. Second time, I mentally replaced all the Para Para bits with one long Paradise. It was much better. Honestly, a little too much on the pop side. The song also doesn't flow as much as usual in a Coldplay song, it seem to be in bits and pieces. All in all though, decent song. Kinda worried that they think this is single material when they have CB and HLH, but oh well. Also, I like how Will has more and more backing vocals. Hopefully he gets a solo part somewhere on the album. [thanks hux90]


    You know what, I really don't care anymore. This song should an embarrassment to every longtime Coldplay fan on the planet. This is coming from someone who loved Viva la Vida, enough to consider it even better than AROBTTH. Honestly, it's made Every Tear bearable. [thanks Osaka Sun]


    Absolutely loved the studio version. I didn't vote 10 cause I never do but I voted 9. THOSE STRINGS! And the way bass & drums appear through the song, the vocals, the electric vibe... Amazing to me. So sorry there are people who don't like it, I hope it will grow. But I really hate the comments that said there was 'no work' or something like that. You might not like the song, but this is almost disrespectful. [thanks Lu'kaa]


    I'mma punch Chris for including a line about 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall'. And repeating the 'para' as he did with 'wa-wa-waterfall'. Does he have a hidden stammer or something? It's actually gimicky and annoying. If it wasn't for these two bugbears it would be a lot higher. For now I'm going to give it a 7 because I actually like it and it's not an offence to my ears unlike ETIAW. ETA: I'm probably rating it higher than I would normally as it is so much of an improvement over ETIAW that I feel happier than I would if this was the first track I'd heard off Mylo Xyloto. [thanks Nattatouille]


    Okay, finally listened to it... Let me just say that the song is way different then I imagined. I like it but don't love it. The beginning is amazing, the lyrics could of been a lot better, and Chris repeating the same words over and over again.. ARG. There are parts I love in the song and parts I don't like. [thanks l0wxo2]


    It's funny how negative the majority of the comments seem to be on this board, but then you take a look at the YouTube comments section for the official release. I'd venture to say 95% of the comments are positive. Serious opinion: it should not be the next single. But to everyone complaining that it's got weak lyrics, remember that it's not technically supposed to be a standalone track. With this being a concept album and all, this is like getting chapter three of a book with virtually no context of how it fits into the larger story (which, again, is why it shouldn't be a single, at least not before the album's release). I'm not saying it's necessarily their best song ever, but give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it plays with the rest of the album before tearing it apart (see what I did there?). And for the record, I really do like it. [thanks Ostrich]


    I find my opinions to be mixed for this one. I think that it's a bold move on their part to produce a more mellow (work with me here) track as it's single. If you compare it to viva la vida, well, viva was unbelievably big and probably kept them in the top 10 for months on end (almost 3/4 of a year if i recall..) Paradise is unique in that there are many instances of boosted tonal quality that just raise you up, almost matching the cadences of the string section. It's also unique to my ear beyond the energy, in that some really odd chords and progressions are being played. I think it's great that they're making another track similar (in some ways, to me) to the scientist. I personally see some overlaps. The song is growing on me. I think some of the lyrics are weak, but i can see it fitting into mylo xyloto as a very nice "mild" track compared to the magnitude of HLH/CB, with element of a quiet and maybe stripped UATW/DLIBYH. Scale of 1-10 i'd give it a 6.5-7...though it's been playing on repeat in my head this entire post...and the entirety of my university work tonight.. And we go.. PS charlie brown or HLH would've probably bought them more airtime. we shall see. I think one of those is coming out as a single in due time. [thanks thefox]


    I just went to check iTunes to see if they'd put it up early, and they had! couldn't believe it. anyway, Listened to it with my iBeats headphones so it would be crystal clear and I actually really like it. It's definitely different- I don't understand it as a choice for the new single, I don't think it's necessarily a 'single' but it's definitely going to grow on me. oh, also - People saying 'it's not like fix you, or the scientist...' go listen to fix you, or the scientist? it's a totally different direction and that should be welcomed. If they fell back on old tricks- they'd have fizzled out and they wouldn't be where they are today. [thanks Bonus_mosher]


    Coldplay is capable of SO MUCH better than this. Anyone who's heard their back catalog would honestly know that this (Paradise), while alright, is really nothing in comparison to what they've achieved before (Yes, even the X&Y era). With all the experimentation they've been doing, there's really so much potential to get even better. It's like they're now applying their "successful formula of Viva La Vida" and trying to make a song purposely for crowds to singalong with all the "ooh~" and stuff. Paradise and ETIAW strike me that they were written with the intention of making a big singalong or big hit. Even Charlie Brown. Not with the intention of making something meaningful, or letting a song develop naturally and somehow become everyone's favorite. Just trying to make a song popular for the sake of making it popular. [thanks cephaus]


    I don't get all the "hatred" (maybe that's a bit too harsh). What's wrong about the sound? That it fits perfectly into today's world? That more people than before will like Coldplay? Sorry people, saying that giving 10/10 makes us "12 year olds" is such an easy thing to say...I'm sure Coldplay will have great success with that song, and if you do not like it, bah - are they gonna care? Looking at the votes for the poll, almost half of us are 12 year olds, I'm pretty sure that I don't care about it - I still love the song! [thanks LocoMH]


    As a massive fan of ETIAW (can't understand why so many don't like it, it's such a majestic, uplifting song), I have to admit to being a little disappointed with Paradise. I, like so many others on here, really struggle to even type words like that, but as well as being devoted fans I think we do have to be honest. I really like the music and I think the strings and melody of the verse are really cool, but for me I expected more lyrically. We were told this was a 'narrative' song, so I really thought there would be more of a story here, which in turn would form a part of the bigger story of Mylo Xyloto. But it actually feels very thin in terms of what it actually tells us, by itself or as part of a larger work, and does unfortunately pass you by like radio-fillers Bruno Mars and Owl City. I don't think for one minute that we should worry about MX, as Chris Martin has more talent in his little finger than most musicians have in their entire bodies, and I don't think we should ever criticise such great artists for creating and producing the art they want to. MX songs like HLH, CB, UATW, ETIAW and MM are all great, and UIF sounds awesome, so we're safe. I guess we just expect a little bit more from a song that must have been in gestation with our favourite band for ages - but maybe Paradise will be a grower. It left me quite cold on first listen, but in the last hour I have warmed to it more. Let's hope it gets hotter and hotter. [thanks Adam84]


    I gave it 8, I've only listened 5 times so far so it might grow on me a bit more too. I don't hate it by any means but I wouldn't agree with the "epic" description that has been bandied about. I love the strings, very Richard Ashcroft/ The Verve who I am a huge fan of and the oooh oohs are Christmas lights, I think we just have to accept that they are going more MOR. to try and appeal to the masses and maybe as they get older haha. [thanks Scusi]


    I've listened 5 or 6 times. Each time I favored it more. The first one minute of the song is beautiful. Very feel good(imagine what the video will be) The middle part is pop, yeah. The last minute or so, when Johnny's guitar kicks in does it for me. I have to admit, it's quite a surprise at the first listens. Until you really give it a better listen. Underneath it all, I still hear Coldplay. [thanks postcards]


    My thoughts before the first listen were "It had better not have anything like the 'wa-wa-wa-wa-waterfall' like ETIAW", and unfortunately, it did. I liked the start of the song, and the finish (Moyles ruined my first listen to the end, cheers), however the middle has poor lyrics again and a very repetitive tone. But having read alot of the comments, I think I agree with both sides of the argument. It's different from the Coldplay of old, maybe too different, but you don't get anywhere by standing still; they're moving forward. This song is for the pop crowd, the single which puts MX on the map for the new generation, who've maybe doubted Coldplay before, or not given them a chance. For Coldplay, the whole game is about the album, not the singles. But at the same time, I think I would've preferred another song, e.g. Hurts Like Heaven or Charlie Brown, or another new one. For now though, I shall trust Coldplay's judgement. 6 from me. [thanks JamesR2]


    I was depressed before I'd even heard Paradise. Was I the only one expecting this? It seemed clear they weren't gonna do a 'pure Coldplay' for their second single, because obviously they need a bigger audience, people. Come on, they've run out of money. Anyway. Yesterday I liked the lyrics, but now they turned out to be repetitive and even feature every tear- SHUT UP! Ooh ooh's have become their trick, which is getting embarrassing. Para-para is also.... not my thing. But I really love the rest, actually. It has a huge build. I got goosebumps at the second listen, which is a great sign. To me it's far better than ETIAW, maybe just because I was prepared this time. Love the tempo, strings, bass, piano(!) and the great guitar. The off-sounding tone at the end and the odd chord somewhere halfway are very, very charming. Chris's voice - awesome. He sounds a little hoarse and more mature, it's gorgeous. That voice is still my favourite in the world and I keep falling for it. I can't help it. I think if I don't let the negative comments get to me, I will very much enjoy this song. Call it my guilty pleasure. Er, I gave it an 8. (But then Politik would be 100.) [thanks Blue Nails]


    Erm . . . well, it's different from what I expected. I wish they would have stripped away some of the synths and just left Guy's bass and Chris' piano--because underneath everything they sound amazing. All of the synth stuff (especially during the chorus) just makes it seem rather . . . soulless. I honestly think that this song could have been so much better had they stripped away the synths completely. I have a friend who loves Owl City. He would love this song. And that's not what I've come to expect from Coldplay. I honestly expected there to be more lyrics than this . . . what lyrics there are aren't terrible, but there's far too little of them. Repeating the same verse multiple times does not count. I don't agree with the 'para-para-paradise' bit either, I hope Paradise and ETiaW are the only songs that use that. Chorus = missed opportunity. Enough said. Also, Jonny's guitar is featured far too little. Bring him out there, man! You have one of the best guitarists in the world! Use him! Now, on to the things I do like: Chris sounds amazing in this song (except for the chorus; it's so wrapped and layered in synths and he's in such a high register that it's a bit annoying) I love that he's singing in a lower octave in the beginning. Will sounds amazing on the backing vocals (as usual), and the full-band 'oh oh oh ooh's' never fail to make me smile. For some reason, I really, really love the 'lalala' bit. And despite what some people have said about including the 'every tear's a waterfall' lyric, I actually think it's a nice touch. It ties the songs together. It's far from the best lyric Coldplay has ever done, but it's a nice touch. I also like the line 'so she ran away in her sleep/And dreamed of paradise'. Overall I give it 6/10. I love that the guys are experimenting and trying new things with their fancy Eno-fiers and stuff, but I'm beginning to get worried that they've gone a little too far. It seems to me that they're focusing more on making what lyrics/instrument parts they have sound better by layering on synths instead of going back into the studio with just a microphone or acoustic guitar, or sitting down together and rewriting a stubborn lyric. With the exception of Major Minus and Moving to Mars, I haven't been impressed with anything Coldplay has done in this new era. I'm sorry that I have to say that because I really am that fan that would stick with them if they decided to write opera or country or something, but I'm afraid that they're losing the beauty and power of their lyrics and instrumental parts in favor of something that will appeal to the masses (and draw in more fans). [thanks ColdplayingfromKansas]



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