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    Who or what is 'Mylo Xyloto'?

    alien-midway_1.jpgNot much has been revealed at this time about the exact meaning of Mylo Xyloto, although there are developments from last night's TV appearance in Paris which will be televised in October. According to Coldplayers, the band discussed the meaning of Mylo Xyloto, Coldplayer Lu'kaa saying: "Yesterday in an interview in the french TV show Chris explained that Mylo Xyloto was just an imaginary language, with two words: Mylo and Xyloto. It's about creating a new word, from nothing, kind of like Google. How I know it? Well I was there!"


    For those of you (most) still trying to figure out the possibly meaning behind this title following The Oracle's confirmation that the title was not randomly made up without meaning, it’s a little unclear — though Latin derivations of “Mylo” tend to suggest that it is about something falling apart. (Meanwhile, “Xyloto” has been used to refer to a family of insects.) Could this be some sort of statement meant to suggeest people coming together in the midst of what are difficult times for the world? Until Coldplay speak out about it themselves, we will probably not know for sure. Perhaps there is a tie with the colorful art, which seems to indicate there's beauty in destruction which seems a fitting theme for the darker times we live in.


    Now, the latest theory is that Mylo Xyloto is actually an alien - definately an outer space concept, but Coldplayers claim to see an alien face on the album cover. What are your thoughts? Both about MX being an alien and about the influence of U.F.O. in the new album?

    SideA_myloxyloto.pngEven The Oracle remains tight lipped on the answer, recently saying: "This could win the prize for the most asked question in the shortest space of time! All I will say is that if the band are asked it as many times as I have been asked, an answer will appear soon enough! I'd rather not be the revealer on this occasion. I will dispel a couple of suggestions I received though. It's not been randomly made up with no meaning at all nor is it a foreign language. Everyone has been so patient so far with all the teasing that has been going on during the past 3 months so I'm sure we can hang on a little longer..." (August 15th).


    Ok I know this might sound a bit far out, but here are my thoughts. I think Mylo Xyloto might be an alien, for various reasons: 1- Aliens, U.F.O., stand to play a big part in the story of MX. I think they are going to be the good guys (light blinking to to tell me it´s alright) and will maybe help the two main protagonists in the end (hopeful transmissions). They might possibly end up flying away with the aliens in the end (up with the birds); 2- It would also tie in with Moving To Mars. Maybe it was not a metaphor at all. Maybe it is about the protagonists moving away from planet earth, after everything has gone up in flames; 3- It would explain the weird name Xyloto, which would be a good extraterrestrial name... I definitely hope there is nothing about alien abductions (scary!) hehe I still think the aliens are friendly and good. I interpret that sentence as just simply meaning that a sign came from outer space to let our heroes know that help is on its way and everything is gonna be alright. [thanks valypan]


    Perhaps this "alien" is exiled and sent elsewhere (which would explain Paradise and PoC). This character, let's call it Mylo Xyloto, is confused as to who he/she really is (explaining the lyric "I struggle with the feeling that my life isn't mine" from HLH). Maybe they're not an alien at all, but rather a normal person living in, what is to them, an alien world. Maybe the album is about retribution and finding one's place in the world...getting back to one's roots a conquering hero. Kind of a Kal-El thing. [thanks danmets21]


    Mylo is an artist in the UK who displays his work in public areas (like graffiti, posters of pictures or diagrams, etc.) Xyloto is a play on the word this artist uses for cameras. It';s about the use of alternative media to get out the real messages that need to be seen and heard by the public as opposed to the mainstream m... SAW THAT on internet. [thanks Juanma]


    So even though the best explanations were made in reference to graffiti and certain graffiti artists the quest is on to get your definition of Mylo Xyloto. Seen a few suggestions on twitter. "A new brand of condoms", The latin for "Homo Music", and Dr Robotniks real name being amongst a few names that made me chuckle, albeit homo music bringing out the immature in me. Got any wittier suggestions? Or do you have immature ones as well? [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    It means F*ck You! We're COLDPLAY, we can name our album whatever the f*ck we want! [thanks fwise3]


    She [The Oracle] said that it was not a foreign language. I had the feeling when saying XYLOTO out loud, that it sounds like SILENT TOE - perhaps that means people living in this (fictional) environment should be vary careful or should go toe-to-toe with their oppressors. [thanks dRafT.]


    Judging by the Oracle's answer, the band have actually put a decent amount of thought into naming the album and it isn't just a random title. Bear in mind they've had this title in mind for 2 years or so. [thanks Cleggy]


    I think that Mylo Xyloto is the main character in the story, Major Minus is the antagonist/government group, and the Car Kids are the revolutionaries, mentioned in Charlie Brown. It would make sense because the new era costumes have the 'CK' logo, and Major Minus has its own logo too so they are probably both big groups in the album's 'story'. Also, Chris mentioned once that Viva-Mylo Xyloto-LP6 was to be a sort of loos trilogy like the first three albums were their own cycle, hence the similar themed artwork. And the theme of revolution would be carried over from Viva too. [thanks AmbroseCadwell]


    SideB_myloxyloto.pngThis from MTV: "Not only does it sound like a clothing-optional beach in the Greek Isles (or a nasty viral disease,) but, because it is largely inscrutable, it also inspires the inner etymologist within me. What, exactly, is the language of origin (Latin?) Googling it just brings up lots of Coldplay Web sites. How, precisely, is it pronounced? (Oh, just scanning the press release now, and apparently it's "my-lo zy-letoe.") And, since we're on the subject, just how many anagrams can you pull from its 10 letters? Of course, it bears mention that whenever you're talking about pronunciation and anagrams, you know you're in the presence of true titular greatness. So, after spending some serious time with a pen and a piece of paper, here's every possible anagrammatic combination I can think of. The word "Ox" comes up a lot. For whatever reason, I'd like to think that makes Chris Martin happy."


    Via Facebook: "Mylo Xyloto" is traditional Balinese. Its English translation is "The Love of Mine." The term "xyloto" is used in a particularly small region of Java, which is ironic because Chris Martin has refused to play in Java

    for many years now."


    Which website are getting the most excited? Well that would be Popdust of course: Google Translate thinks it’s English, which is clearly untrue. The band hasn’t said anything on the matter yet to our knowledge. You’d think what the phrase means would be the first thing Coldplay would explain during their album promo cycle, especially if it’s supposed to mean something Coldplay would think up, but you’d be wrong. Seriously. Who do we have to bang to get some insight as to the meaning of this Coldplay album? Or as to why it’s pronounced “mylo xy-letoe“? I mean, really. Since the band’s not talking, we’ll just have to rampantly speculate as to the meaning. First, let’s examine the title piece-by-piece for some theories:



    - A Scottish producer and dance musician who’s done remixes for Kylie Minogue, Amy Winehouse and others.

    - Some kind of gadget by Sony that’s been pre-empted 20,000 times over by every smartphone ever and also kind of looks like an N-Gage.

    - Urban Dictionary claims the term is short for “my love.” But it also claims it’s short for something much dirtier and more painful, so you might want to think a bit about your relationship before using it as a pet name.

    - A “country humorist who performs parodies of popular songs set to a rural German-Russian theme.”

    - A website for foodies w/rules.”

    - A term for a particular situation in the party game Mafia, which you’d probably only encounter if you play Mafia outside parties.



    - Absolutely nothing we could find. Xylophone? Xylem? Damn it. We need a different strategy.



    - Capitol Records told Chris Martin he could only use the letters MYLOXT to name the album, and he thought My Lot or My Toll sounded too ponderous for an album that already contained the titles “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,” “Charlie Brown” and “Major Minus.”

    - It’s a cryptogram. For what, we’re not good enough at cryptograms to know from such few letters.

    - Brian Eno was involved in the album. Maybe it was his idea. It seems like it might be. (Seriously, go YouTube his old stuff if you’re not familiar.)

    - The arrangement on the album art suggests it’s actually MYL OXYL OTO, which–no. We’re done here.



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