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    Will Champion admits Mylo Xyloto nerves to BBC 6 Music

    willchampion.jpgAs Coldplay unveil a trio of tour dates in December, drummer Will Champion tells BBC 6 Music what we can expect from their new record Mylo Xyloto and reveals he's a bundle of nerves. Below is the article from 6 Music today, but you can also download the full audio interview at the multimedia forum now [thanks zzz].


    They might have finished the much-anticipated record with producer Brian Eno, but Champion says: "There really is no sense of relief. It's actually almost worse," he told Steve Lamacq. "It's the worst time possible just because there's nothing you can do about it now. It's like when a child leaves home, well they are out in the world now. You've done your best and you're giving it out for people, hopefully to enjoy, but you never know, because it's not out. We've finished it, it's not out, but it's just this waiting game."


    The album is out on 24 October and will be swifter than some of their previous records. "In the past, on X&Y, we struggled to finish that because people were coming up saying, 'Oh, you've got to put that one on, you've got to put that one on'," Champion explained. We tried to please everybody and ended up with an album that was maybe 2 or 3 songs too long, so this time we've been very careful. We wanted it to be under 45 minutes."

    This news follows the band winning 6 Music's festival headliner vote. Unlike 2005's release of X&Y, Champion also revealed they were able to decide on the tracklisting very quickly and have put a lot of thought into it as a whole body of work: "It's very much compiled to be able to listen to it from start to finish. There was a very strong sense of the story that goes along with the record and how we wanted to tell that story," added the Coldplay drummer. "There's a narrative in there if you choose to look for it. We knew how we wanted it to go and in the end there was really just a question of two songs. We were pretty unanimous in everything which is great. It's a good sign."


    Mylo Xyloto is their fifth studio album and features a collaboration with US star Rihanna entitled Princess of China. It's previously been reported that the record is based on a love story which has a happy ending. Will confirmed there is a definite theme to the album with a structure to the tracks. "Every record is a concept album in some way in that people don't just write songs and throw them on in a random order," he said. "Everyone that I know who has released records thinks very carefully about what the first track is. That's crucial. "If you've got a range of dynamics in your songs you want them to come in the right order. It would be pointless to put 6 massive songs followed by 3 really small songs."


    Coldplay's jaunt will kick off at the SECC in Glasgow on 3 December, then Manchester MEN (4), finishing with a show at London's 02 Arena (9).


    More photos of Coldplay at Austin City Limits festival (16th September 2011):
















    Pictures: ACL Festival @ Flickr



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