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    Will Champion: 'Death Fascinates Us' (short interview)

    willchampion2.jpgWill Champion has been speaking to BeQueen.de in London, the interviewer was Sarah Elena Schwerzmann. Translation by Larry.


    Will Champion, the new Coldplay album is called "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends." How did you come to this name?

    Will Champion: We have only baptized the album "Viva la Vida", because it is a tribute to life itself. At this time we were in Mexico City, where we visited Frida Kahlo's house and encountered this quote. We love Kahlo's art and were speechless in the face of the energy of the house, where the magnificent, expressive colors give a very special atmosphere. At this time we realized that we were too monotonous. We wanted to go away from black and white towards to colour.


    And when did you become aware of the fact that on the basis of "Viva la Vida" you would bring inevitably connection with Ricky Martin?

    Fortunately, we noticed reactions in our closest environment pretty early. And because we didn't want our fans to believe we would now convert on the musical traces of a latino star, we had to find a solution about this name. Then Chris had the idea to give the album a second name. He adopted it from Shakespeare. He has always given his words double names.


    Read more on this article here [thanks Larry]080612_will_slideshow.jpg

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