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    [X&Y] Record Doctor: Kiefer Sutherland

    x&y.jpgThe star of real-time TV drama 24 no longer has the time to unearth new music. Can Paul Mardles help him out and do his leg work?


    Sutherland is, by his own admission, still hooked on the music that he soaked up as a child. He loves the Beatles, particularly the White Album, and Elton John's three finest Seventies albums (Madman Across the Water, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantastic). Dylan, too, will always have a place in his affections, not least because 'Lay Lady Lay' is indelibly linked with the days when his dad, Donald, would drop him off at school.


    What about bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads who are obviously indebted to their sound? 'I'm not as aware of them as I should be,' he says. 'In all fairness, I don't know those bands. Unfortunately, I work 14 hours a day on set and music, in the middle of that, is almost like comfort food. Something that I know, that I'm safe with.'


    Still, Sutherland has heard some great new music recently. 'The Rocco DeLuca album is very good,' he says. 'And I like the Coldplay album a lot. Does that make me sound dated?'


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