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    Coldplay are back: new song Atlas released to the world to yet more acclaim (reviews part 2)

    We have had so many new fan reviews of Coldplay's new song Atlas that we have expanded yesterday's article into a second separate page... with our promise of even more new fan and media reviews to follow soon. A second collection of review-bites are below, along with the very latest poll results on what you thought of the new track.


    Since yesterday, we have also had new content available in the Atlas sub-forum such as gifs, banners, and pictures, new song covers (various videos), a whole host of new media/external reviews of the new song, and the outcome so far of nearly 600 votes cast on the song in the last 24 hours.



    What we are all talking about...



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    Latest forum poll results: what you thought of the new song, Atlas:




    Latest Coldplayer reviews of the new song, Atlas:


    It reminds me of the Rush of Blood era (or a mixture between that and X&Y)... it definitely sounds like old Coldplay and that's cool. However, from a songwriting perspective I think it could've been better. It's "pretty" and "mellow" but it doesn't have that epic flair to it that most great Coldplay tracks have in them. The lyrics aren't bad, but they are short and simple, they could have been smarter but there's nothing really wrong with them per se. It's strongest assets right now I think, are that it's new and sounds like old Coldplay. But I wouldn't say, at this time anyway, that I think it's amazing by any stretch of the imagination. It's just... alright. I definitely like the chorus. Just feel like it never quite reaches where it COULD go. Feels slightly underdeveloped. Also, I highly doubt the sound of this track is indicative of LP6. I think it's, it's own thing. 8/10 [thanks bleed0range]


    I don't get why people say it sounds like old Coldplay. If anything, it sounds like new Coldplay. It has the classic sound, buildup and finale of an MX-era song. And those are definitely electric drums near the end. Let's say that's the part I like least. But for the rest, it's a good song. Not fantastic but good. If this were still the MX era, it would be among their best songs of that era. [thanks Tryptophan]


    In my opinion is absolutely beautiful, i mean, isn't the perfect song that i would like to hear from the band but is the bass line it looks like a little bit Paradise's, the drum beats are soft, i like them. Jon's solo is amazing, i like the old Coldplay songs with more Jonny's solos haha but, anyway i love this one. Chris voice and piano are wonderful. 7/10 [thanks ST]


    I would like to call Atlas the first example of post-Coldplay. Its haunting beginnings go back to Parachutes but towards the end there is that grandeur resulting from five years of stadium rock, but it is used sparsely, not in a distasteful ETIAW way. The soundscape is beautiful. To me it is a good sign that Coldplay have chosen to give wide exposure to this single as opposed to Moving to Mars, this other gem which had more or less the same vibe but was removed from the MX EP in the end. Viva post-Coldplay. I rated it 8/10. [thanks walewein]


    The deep bases reminds me alot of the MX era, yet the lyrics have more of an X&Y feel to it. So cool seeing the different eras mesh together in one song. In general an awesome song, totally blew my expectations! [thanks golfing7861]


    The song is very beautiful. The chorus is fantastic, and if Coldplay can carry this quality of music into LP6, it may be their best album ever. When Chris sings "carry your world," this is about as good as Coldplay can get. I love how stark the piano is, and the 'wer wer wer wer wer' of the guitar in the background during the verse really hearkens back to the pre-Parachutes era (see No More Keeping My Feet On the Ground). Put simply, this song is a love letter from Coldplay to their fans. If I had one gripe, it would be that the verses could be better. Or maybe it's just the chorus is too damn good. 9/10 [thanks aschall]


    I guess I'm not too fond on the chorus after my first full listen, but the rest of the song is quite good! Sort of somber and melancholy, but I like that. X&Y was clearly an influence on this song, and I fucking love that. Also everything from the introduction of the other instruments and on is seriously just superb. I think that one minute had more emotion than the majority of Mylo Xyloto. 9/10 (on first listen). [thanks DundahMifflin]


    Is Atlas on the legendary level of Clocks, Paradise, and Moving to Mars? Not quite. But it's right below it. If there was a 9.5 on the poll, I'd have picked that. Yet again, our beloved Coldplay delivers another epic. But are we really surprised? We've come to expect greatness like this from these guys. I just love Coldplay. [thanks heelsrule1988]


    Really, really like this. Hope this is showing off their current sound and direction, it sounds really great. Like many have said there's a real sound of previous albums (X&Y and Viva especially with arangment) but still having some of the production elements of MX and even tones of AROBTTH. Feels comparable and more on the level of a B-side track, rather than an album or single track though, if that makes sense? But that's by no means a bad thing. (Moving to Mars for example). If Atlas has a good reaction and reception/reviews, I hope they feel confident and maybe decide to release info/plans of LP6.. 8/10 for me I think. Really pleased! [thanks TomJMusic]


    I will start with a rather bold statement: in my opinion from 2:30 onward is as good as anything this band has ever done. I agree with others who have said that on first listen the verses may seem a little lacking (although I do find the vocal phrasing interesting in the way that Chris puts the emphasis on the verbs in the middle of the line as opposed to the nouns at the end- the last word of each line is very sudden, almost sharp in contrast to the rest of the delivery) but the piano throughout the verses and that killer chorus are enough to pull it off in a big way. Extra points for even more fantastic guitar work from Jonny in the song‘s final moments. Attention rest of world: can this man please start getting the recognition he deserves! This does sound like the perfect soundtrack song and in that capacity it works brilliantly. While listening to it I caught myself thinking how great the carry your world part would be in romantic or dramatic movies and had to remind myself that it was made for a movie. More importantly though I also feel that this song will stand alongside the rest of the band's catalogue very well and will not be remembered as just that song that was on that one soundtrack - the way a lesser effort might have been. This is definitely not a reworked studio leftover or a throwaway track by a band looking to cash in - this is the new Coldplay single that just happens to be off of a soundtrack...


    As with everything they do - they went for it. You know that they were thinking that if they were going to make a soundtrack song then why not try to make the best soundtrack song of all time. Did they succeed? Perhaps not but they did manage to produce one hell of a Coldplay song. Plus can you imagine hearing this closing out a concert a year from now with thousands of fans singing I’ll carry your world in unison. Watch out Fix You chorus - you just might have some competition. With such a diverse mix of all the elements the band has given us before hardcore fans should love it and if the general public just gives it to that epic chorus we might have another hit on our hands. Being a part of a huge movie franchise won’t hurt but I still can’t help but think that this song is good enough not to have to depend on that association alone. To my ears this is the sound of a band not only claiming new fans but maybe even reclaiming some old ones who may have slipped away. If this is any indication of where they are at going into the next album I think we are all in for a real treat. Some bands would be lucky to get on a high profile release like the Hunger Games Soundtrack. In this case The Hunger Games Soundtrack is lucky to get a high profile band like Coldplay… and boy did they deliver. 8/10 [thanks oldmuckers]


    I don't think its an amazingly strong song, in that it isn't a 10/10 or 9/10 like others have said, I'll probably put it 8/10, though atm I'm on a bige of listing to it, so I'm probably just not used to it yet. I do like the tunes and stuff, but I'm more liking the build up and end then the start. I just think the start is just to ambient for something, iddno lol! [thanks trinest]


    I love it but I agree with those who said that the lyrics are uninspired. However, I think it showcases what the band does best -- they make simplistic sound epic. The melody is pure & simple, while the background layers build and add texture, without becoming overpowering. And Johnny shines from 3:10-3:36. I'd love this to be a glimpse into #6, but I don't want to get my hopes up. This was written for a specific purpose and I bet they were given direction as to the mood of the song. The movie is the focus and the song had to compliment it. Also, Chris's vocals are great. His voice is strong where it needs to be and restrained where it needs to be, It's clear, emotive and his phrasing is perfect. Good job, boys! Bring on #6. 9/10 [thanks Pink]


    I loved the melody, i like the lyrics (people complaining about the lyrics... many of mx's lyrics were less profund than this one, it's an ok lyric) i like the feel, though i was expecting something more guitarish, more... played and less produced but this... this sounds great. what i didn't like was chris voice, it sound rusty, he cuts it early sometimes and somewhere in the beginning he's really close to being off key. but still, it makes me funny inside thinking about how the next album will sound like... i like the radiohead vibe, (just more positive... more coldplay!) it's accurate to compare this one with moving to mars and it was a great freaking song so yeah! jonny rocks in this one... man do you guys feel that this song is perfect to be lying down in a park at night with someone and just looking at the moon? i love songs like that... rating: 8/10 [thanks tutegarra]


    Ohmygod! I think my vote was the 200th 10! Beautiful. Wonderful. The very beginning with that piano bit, Chris' voice takes you to heaven, Jonny is a freakin legend with that little solo, the second half is incredible. I really really really hope they will include it in their future setlist. There's a big singalong potential and it could work really well. I hope this will be a hit. Since there hasn't been much promotion, we're gonna have to trust radios to play it a lot and hopefully get a video. The song sounds like Coldplay, it's not a revolutionary song, they didn't experiment nor progress or anything, but with Atlas they do what they do best, except perhaps for the lyrics, that aren't the best Coldplay lyrics I've seen, but then again the music itself is wonderful enough for me not to care too much about the lyrics. Coldplay is back, bitches. [thanks Coeurli]


    Obviously 10/10 !! It's a great song! I love that sort of contrast between the relatively quiet beginning and then the very very powerful ending! The piano is wonderful as well as the guitar, the drums, the bass. Well actually everything! Chris' singing is great and especially the part 'we're about to explode' really does it for me. It's very emotional and haunting! It really is a sort of mix of a lot of their old songs' styles but it's also new and special. Coldplay did it again, huh?! [thanks m@r@]


    Gave it 8/10. Love the song but as many had said, could have been better (maybe because it's short?, but that's just me) Fantastic second half and.. Go Jonny Go! [thanks matti]


    Chris' vocals are beautiful, nice and mellow, and as with many Coldplay songs the tone of the song seems to raise the further it gets towards the end. The bit directly after the lyric "I'm about to explode" where the drums come in and some heavy piano playing from Chris sounds great too! And as for Jonny's solo at the end, well, that's just Jonny Buckland at his best isn't it? The end of the song, particularly Jonny's guitar, reminds me very much of the Viva era; it has a touch of 42 & DAAHF with the guitar (in terms of a big crescendo from Jonny and then back down to normal level if you know what I mean?). It gets a thumbs up from me! Very impressive I must say! But what else did you expect from Coldplay? They aren't the greatest band in the world for nothing! 10/10! [thanks ColdplaySheffield]


    I am Crying .....This SOng is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful! Though the song is bit short I admit...I wish it had a piano riff ...Johnny is great though. I love the bass stuff and the epicness it creates. It is like VLV ers darkness mixed with MX era epicness....Its really beautiful . I just wish it was a longer song with a sing along or something like 'VLV' had. But Its very good none the less. For me it is 10/10! [thanks teernabh5]


    Well...I like it, I mean...it's nice, not a masterpiece. Very nice but nothing so special. Maybe it will grow up into me with the time. To be honest I think it's a little flat. 6/10 [thanks Kristal Siderglace]


    So different to what we've been used to in recent Coldplay times, but a great song. I'm genuinely interested to see if the new album stays consistent with 'Atlas' or whether it was very much 'Hunger Games' soundtrack focussed. Good to have the lads back...and Jonny's intricate yet perfectly-fitting riffs. [thanks Placebo88]


    I just heard the song. It´s classic Coldplay, incredibly well-crafted and have you tearing up already by the first chorus! I could not give it a 10 because it is simply too short, but it fits the movie perfectly and it is just gorgeous. Would I want an LP6 ONLY filled with songs like this? Probably not but I think they have shown incredible diversity in MX: a band that can write both a wonderful hip-hoppish song and a quiet diamond like Atlas is a true artistic band, as we all know Coldplay to be. [thanks valypan]


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