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    'Stunning, uplifting and utterly beautiful': new song Atlas a hit with Coldplay fans (part 1)

    Earlier on Thursday we posted a preview of Coldplay’s song Atlas for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' soundtrack. But it looks like the full track - all 3m56s of it – has now leaked online via torrents a day early... and to a plethora of positive reviews from Coldplay fans.


    After just the first hour since leaking, 54% of Coldplayers gave the song a perfect 10/10 in our sliding scale poll. Early media reviews were also favourable - website DirectLyrics in one of the first reviews said: "It definitely feels like the band decided to go back to their roots for this new song, as the delicate piano ballad is giving me early 2000s Coldplay teas. Chris' vocals, and the flawless mellow rock production on "Atlas" is to die for. This is perfection. And no doubt "Atlas" will feature on a key scene in "Catching Fire". It has 'EPIC' written all over it."


    What do you think of Atlas if you have already heard it? We'd be very pleased to hear your written reviews (the longer the better!) and your 1-10 sliding scale poll vote at the Atlas sub-forum now!



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    Latest forum poll results: what you thought of the new song, Atlas:




    Latest Coldplayer reviews of the new song, Atlas:


    I couldn't rate the song a 10/10 after listening to it 5 times now. It is right now a great, great song! It has a good chord progression, and sounds like old Coldplay. But it also sounds like it originated during the Viva era and was molded through the years between the Viva and MX era. The piano is certainly Coldplay-esque, and the buildup is also. I feel that in terms of Coldplay, this is one of their better songs, but certainly not in my top 25...yet. Lyrics: 7.5/10 (Could have been better, but I think some didn't really fit when he sang them). Music: 8/10 (Typical Coldplay with some new sounds in there, and definitely great to hear, but not what I was expecting from a soundtrack). Overall about an 8/10. Great in music standards and by Coldplay standards, but I really wanted them to do something different/soundtrack-y and definitely a longer song than 4 minutes. [thanks laxwatcher]


    Atlas reminds me a lot of the X&Y era. The preview starts with simple piano and Chris's deep voice (Moving To Mars) then comes the spacey feel from the X&Y era. I look forward to the buildup towards the percussion when I hear the entire version. I love it so far. [thanks harrisonrules]


    1st listening done. Song builds and builds, and in the end i didn't have to disappoint. Jonny Boy guitar magic was like a icing on the cake. Great song for a soundtrack. And i have to say, production of that song is REALLY good. Spacey synths and guitar sounds make a amazing atmosphere. [thanks CP-EST]


    Gave it a 9. I love it. And I'm so happy that its soo different from their latest work. Music is amazing, its sort of lo-fi meets hi-fi and the style is X&Yish. But lyrically it could be better. After a long time a Coldplay song that doesn't need to grow on me its great after the first listen. [thanks lndnsky]


    I find it utterly beautiful. Maybe the lyrics could be better, but the hook of "carry your world" is great, and the build up sent goosebumps the first time I heard it. Nice small solo by Jonny too at the end. [thanks winterjoey]


    9/10, I love the dark and dreamy mood of the song, thats one of the styles they do best imo has a sort of X&Y feel to it with deeper vocals which I prefer from Chris atm, I have enough falsetto to last me a while. The song is such a tease too, 'im about to explode' then goes somber again but then the ending is amazing, im still waiting for that day too when Johnny pumps out the guitar solo of his life after that mentioned lyric then it will be a perfect 10. [thanks 42rock89]


    Well i heard it a few times now. It sounds a bit like the old Coldplay, from the first 2 albums. But not at their best. It sounds predictable. Still, it sounds better then most MX tracks. Maybe i will like it more after repeat listings, but i doubt it. For example, i like Moving to Mars more. 7/10. [thanks Nature]


    I'd give it a 9 out of 10. It truly is an amazing track nonetheless! The song really resonates once Chris gets to the bit, "I'm about to explode...I'll carry your world". I was expecting a big guitar solo full of "oohhhh's", but right before it lifts off the ground, it lands back softly with Chris on the piano. Overall, I think Atlas is a beautiful track. We can expect more great things to come after this. [thanks Spider-Man]


    I really like the build up of the song and the instruments, but I really, REALLY dislike the lyrics, they sound like some 5 year old trys to tell you a fairytale. But they still sound awfully simple, I hoped for something more lyrically complex... [thanks Batman]


    The piano intro heavily reminds me of the Viva la Vida era, "Death and All His Friends" to be more specific. Will then makes his entrance in the song with repetitive, sweeping hi-hats, building up the intensity. When the electronic beat breaks in a little past mid-way in the song (reminiscent to that of "Paradise"), it mixes the elements of the Viva and MX eras as the band's brings in epic amounts of epicness. Carry your wooooorrrrlllld.... Well, that's what I think of it anyway. The song itself sounds darker than to that of MX and it's really intriguing to me. It's better than most songs on MX and is by far one of the best songs Coldplay has ever put out in the decade. I give it an 8 out of 10. [thanks Texas Rez]


    Absolutely stunning! The minute Jonny's ringing guitar comes in, you know it's a classic. Really think it could be among their best yet. Great to hear something more like AROBTTH, but at the same time it's completely different. The soundscapes are beautiful - Sigur Ros standard! Forget Paradise and Princess of China. THIS is why I love Coldplay. [thanks robsmith7]


    OK I gave in. Listening for the fourth time. It's beautiful. Melancholy, but at the same time uplifting. It gives you a sense of urgency, but relaxes you! The middle chorus gives you goosebumps. Then Jonny's guitar comes in at the end.. wow! It makes me happy and makes me cry. It reminds me a little of parts of Amsterdam, parts of it like MTM as people have said.., parts of Rush of Blood, there are elements of Christmas lights even maybe? But most of all it's an epic, brilliant new Coldplay song and will be perfect for the movie. I can't wait to hear it in the theatre on surround sound. Oh and I have the song on pre-order, so I don't feel too terrible about listening early. I love it. [thanks Comicforce]


    I think they have made a perfect song for a movie sound track, and tbh I think its a great song in it's own right! Reminds me of U2 in some places. Loving the Guitar and the Tack piano Towards the End! Fuck the haters.. 9/10 [thanks Dannyrobertsonviva]


    After 2 listens, my initial impression is: meditative. It kind of leaves you in a tranquil state, which I appreciate. The melody is one that is uneasy to say the least, the piano melody sort of has you on edge, in the beginning but it opens up into a very nice chorus that is very "airy" if I could describe it, like you can breathe after the initial verse. It's like riding a roller-coaster. Think the band really captures a range of emotions in the span of four minutes. I think the ending is uplifting and optimistic, much like many Coldplay songs of the past. I rate this as a solid six -- musically I enjoy it, it's a nice hybrid and very "Moving to Mars" esque. I just can't connect emotionally to it RIGHT NOW, that may change. I quite like it though. [thanks Coldplayfan1294]


    Seriously I love it. Sounds like it's right out of X&Y which is fantastic. I honestly think if I'd never heard X&Y before and this song was in the place of Twisted Logic (Not a fan, definitely their weakest closer, also I think Atlas would work well as a closer, sort of like Amsterdam) I think it would work perfectly. If this is on the same lines as what LP6 will sound like, then I am going to be very pleased with it. MX was good but I'm over it and I need classic Coldplay back! [thanks Jonesey16909]


    I simply adore it. It's sweet, dreamy, a bit dark and the build up is intoxicating to me. I love the background, music and voices, the guitar at the end and think it's perfect for this movie. I'm thoroughly impressed. [thanks LdySpace]


    They still can do it. God what if LP6 has got this style? It would be like MY GOD. BEST RECORD TO DATE. [thanks MorningGlory]


    this song is seriously EPIC! EPIC EPIC EPIC! after the huge disappointment that was MX I was on the verge of a breakdown leading up to the release of Atlas because I kept being pessimistic and thinking its gonna be like MX. but I'm glad I was very wrong. the song is in fact so good I wish it wasn't released as this film's soundtrack. I'm gonna ignore the movie and the possible music video so it doesn't ruin the feel of the song for me. I really hope they follow with this on LP6. a ubiquitous positive reaction from us would certainly send a message. [thanks nvdmm]


    It reminds me of the Rush of Blood era (or a mixture between that and X&Y)... it definitely sounds like old Coldplay and that's cool. However, from a songwriting perspective I think it could've been better. It's "pretty" and "mellow" but it doesn't have that epic flair to it that most great Coldplay tracks have in them. The lyrics aren't bad, but they are short and simple, they could have been smarter but there's nothing really wrong with them per se. It's strongest assets right now I think, are that it's new and sounds like old Coldplay. But I wouldn't say, at this time anyway, that I think it's amazing by any stretch of the imagination. It's just... alright. I definitely like the chorus. Just feel like it never quite reaches where it COULD go. Feels slightly underdeveloped. Also, I highly doubt the sound of this track is indicative of LP6. I think it's, it's own thing. 8/10 [thanks bleed0range]


    I don't get why people say it sounds like old Coldplay. If anything, it sounds like new Coldplay. It has the classic sound, buildup and finale of an MX-era song. And those are definitely electric drums near the end. Let's say that's the part I like least. But for the rest, it's a good song. Not fantastic but good. If this were still the MX era, it would be among their best songs of that era. [thanks Tryptophan]


    In my opinion is absolutely beautiful, i mean, isn't the perfect song that i would like to hear from the band but is the bass line it looks like a little bit Paradise's, the drum beats are soft, i like them. Jon's solo is amazing, i like the old Coldplay songs with more Jonny's solos haha but, anyway i love this one. Chris voice and piano are wonderful. 7/10 [thanks ST]


    I would like to call Atlas the first example of post-Coldplay. Its haunting beginnings go back to Parachutes but towards the end there is that grandeur resulting from five years of stadium rock, but it is used sparsely, not in a distasteful ETIAW way. The soundscape is beautiful. To me it is a good sign that Coldplay have chosen to give wide exposure to this single as opposed to Moving to Mars, this other gem which had more or less the same vibe but was removed from the MX EP in the end. Viva post-Coldplay. I rated it 8/10. [thanks walewein]


    The deep bases reminds me alot of the MX era, yet the lyrics have more of an X&Y feel to it. So cool seeing the different eras mesh together in one song. In general an awesome song, totally blew my expectations! [thanks golfing7861]


    More Coldplayer reviews to follow... add yours now!


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