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    12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: MAY (Eight Unplayed Tour Dates!)

    may.jpgIn May, it was announced that 2 million people downloaded Coldplay’s new single ‘Violet Hill’ while it was available as a free download. The song, which was the first off the band’s new album ‘Viva La Vida’, was uploaded onto the band’s website on April 29th. Had the song been chart eligible it would have outsold last week’s Top-40 four times over.


    Coldplay's "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends" went up from pre-order from Apple's iTunes store, and those who made the pledge for the album would get immediate access to the title track. Viva La Vida (individual track), was also available for purchase individually on iTunes at a price of €0.99. A new Apple iTunes ad featuring music from Coldplay’s forthcoming ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends’ aired on US TV. The 30-second spot was filmed by director Mark Romanek and was broadcast between segments of American Idol.


    A website in the Netherlands was the first online to show the full exclusive video to Coldplay's new single, Violet Hill. Previously only a 40 second preview was aired. Coldplay also posted a satirical politically-charged video on their official YouTube channel, entitled Dancing Politicians. The video is directed by Mat Whitecross who also directed Bigger Stronger...


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