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    12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: SEPTEMBER (Four kbps From Lyon)

    september.jpgThe big live news from Coldplay in September was that Cemeteries Of London had been soundchecked by the band in Strasbourg. At that point, the track from the new album Death And All His Friends had never been played live.


    After some expensive looking high concept videos for their last few efforts Coldplay brought it back to the basics and where it all started from with their new video “Lost” from the top selling album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. The video was a performance piece with the band rocking an arena sized audience as Chris displays some creative dance moves then takes off in the middle of the crowd. Good thing Chris isn’t a rapper, he might be chainless after running into a crowd after a Hip Hop show like that.


    The first of two 2008 live photoblogs came in September, direct from the tour venue in Lyon, and you were all right there with us discussing it as it happened (except those inside the venue, of course). September wasn't a very good month for punctuation, as Chris Martin explained: just landed in stockholm spent yesterday writing writing writing and eating cake tour so far best one we ever did audiences wonderful and catering also we are trying to find the right night to play glass of water which is good heavy and recently finished please excuse the lack of punctuation there are no full stops in sweden chris


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