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    12 Coldplay Months of 2009: APRIL (nine drum machines drumming)

    april.jpgIn April British newspaper the Mirror reported that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin had banded together with Sacha Baron Cohen —in his guise as gay Austrian TV personality Bruno—to record a single. Martin has also developed a reputation as a musical do-gooder, particularly with his support of fair trade practices. But that didn't stop the pair from playing along with Cohen's [April Fools] spoof.


    The song, which has already been partially recorded at legendary Abbey Road studios, bears the couplet, 'For people of Africa who live in hell/ They will never wear Chanel.' "Chris Martin was in stitches throughout the recording and only just managed to get his lines out," says a spy at the session.


    Also in April 2009, with a then astounding 425,408 followers, Coldplay passed the king of Twitter Stephen Fry's 370,110 followers to become the most-followed UK celebrity. An iphone app that lets you tap along to favorite songs was released as a special Coldplay edition. It was originally released with 10 of the band's major singles and artwork inspired by their videos.

    Meanwhile in the land of Satriani...


    Read the full April 2009 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks Space Cadet & akasapple]




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