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    12 Coldplay Months of 2009: JANUARY (twelve puppets playing!)

    january1.jpg"We feel bands need to fill their first 10 years, so we have lots to do before December 31, 2009." [Chris Martin]


    So they established one thing that this year was going to bring them and that was as ever for Coldplay a hell of a lot of work for the 12 months. But what happened for the band during the first month of this busy year? Well, lots actually. The band started off the year with yet more recognition off the back of their 2008 release Viva La Vida and Death And All His Friends. Mediatraffic awarded the band's 4th record 'Album of the Year' after shifting 6.5 million albums, well ahead of the second best selling album which was AC/DC's Black Ice.


    More good news came when they were nominated for yet more awards as they shared 4 Brit nominations each with Duffy, to take place on Wednesday 18th February, two weeks after the Grammys, who designed a brilliant advertising poster for the event at the start of February... (after the jump)

    Read the full January 2009 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks howyousawtheworld; Noémie]



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