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    12 Coldplay Months of 2009: MAY (Eight tweets from Berryman)

    may.jpgMay kicked off with much excitement as Anchorman announced that the band would be giving away a free live concert CD. Left Right Left Right Left was made available as a free digital download beginning May 15 with hard disc copies given to each person attending non festival shows for the remaining dates on the Viva tour.


    An exchange thread was set up to try and get as many of the hard copy discs to fans as possible. Board members with spares pledged to help members needing copies. It isn’t clear if the discs will be given away on the Latin American Tour next year, but assuming they are, if you still need a disc, you can add your name to the "I can haz spare?" list and maybe you can still get one.


    The Viva tour rolled on starting in West Palm Beach Florida on May 15. Many of the shows were hit by rain showers. Singing in the rain lead to Chris getting sick causing the Saratoga Springs to be postponed. It was rescheduled at the expense of a planned and announced Jones Beach show. Scranton was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict and refunds or tickets to the Hershey show were offered to fans in exchange. Set List stayed the same at all shows except for ‘Georgia on My Mind’ played in Atlanta...

    The "everybody and their mother wrote Viva La Viva except Coldplay" got really hopping in May with Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens jumping on the Coldplay ripped me off bandwagon. Joining Creaky Boards and Joe Satriani, he claimed Viva La Vida was taken from his 1970s track 'Foreigner Suite'. However my (Texasluvsjonny's) personal fav claim to the song came from the The Huffington Post:


    "I would like to take the opportunity to claim that I wrote Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." In fact, I wrote "Viva La Vida" just about an hour ago after hearing the news that my pal Yusuf -- the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens -- feels that the undeniable Coldplay smash is too close for comfort to one section of his "Foreigner Suite" from his 1973 album "The Foreigner." So to be honest here, I'm not exactly sure if I actually stole "Viva La Vida" from Coldplay, from Cat Stevens, from Joe Satriani or from some obscure band called the Creaky Boards who actually called their version of our collective hit "The Songs I Didn't Write." But rather than waste any time haggling and trying to figure out who's actually right here, let me make a very modest proposal to keep get this peace train back on the rails. Why don't we all just split the royalties for "Viva La Vida" equally among the five of us? It's only fair, right? Heck, because the stock market went up today , I'll sweeten the pot a little and declare right here in the Huffington Post that if Coldplay agrees to my plan by midnight Friday night, I will personally treat the entire extended "Viva La Vida" writing team to dinner at a participating Red Lobster to be mutually agreed upon -- assuming someone can spot me an advance on my royalties. 'Viva La Vida' indeed!"


    Read the full May 2009 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks Texasluvsjonny & BerrymanGirl1]




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