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    12 Coldplay Months of 2010: JUNE (7 Antiques Dealt?)

    roadie43a.jpgFull review and poll: 12 Coldplay Months of 2010: JUNE (7 Antiques Dealt?) [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    So June 2010 in the world of Coldplay it is then. What happened? You'd be forgiven for putting your favourite band on the backburner as apparently June saw the entire globe go crazy for something called the World Cup which I vaguely recall come to mention it. We saw Roadie #42 return with two blogs in June. Of course for every #42 blog their surely has to one by the infamous Roadie #43, Coldplaying's own "missionary" into the goings on of the band. June featured a bizarre (to say the least) "interview" with "Chris Martin"...


    Will Champion revealed yet more irritations towards the band's record label EMI and Guy Berryman had an interesting month which saw the release of the deluxe edition of Apparatjik's debut album We Are Here and the creation of his own antique's dealing company alongside his brother Mark.

    Jon Hopkins came out of the shadows to talk about life with Coldplay to Coldplayzone.it and we also saw another blog from Coldplayings own alternative blogger Roadie #43! Oh and the Pet Shop Boys performed their version of Viva La Vida at Glastonbury!


    Read the full June 2010 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    So... Roadie #42 returned after a two month absence detailing the strenuous song writing phase the band were going through under Brian Eno's guardianship but also revealing that LP5 had some 'killer tunes' lined up. The blog in question led to some media speculation with several news outlets stating that the new record was scheduled to be released by Christmas - sensationalist or what?!


    "Greetings to you from Budapest. I'm nearing the end of a two week break from the studio. We're back in on Monday. I greet you hanging my head and begging forgiveness. Yes, seven weeks is an obscenely long time to be leaving you hanging. Apart from this couple of weeks of being a civilian, my primary distraction has been that they've asked me to get a little more involved engineering on the record. This means I've spent a great deal of time trying to work out exactly what plugs in where and more importantly, why...














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