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    12 Coldplay Months of 2010: SEPTEMBER (4 heading for Las Vegas?)

    20100901cmapplekeynote1a_1.jpgFull review and poll: 12 Coldplay Months of 2010: SEPTEMBER (4 heading for Las Vegas?)


    Continuing our 2010 review, in September, after rolling out a new lineup of iPod models, Chris Martin took the stage to perform Wedding Bells on piano [download], as well as Viva La Vida and Yellow, at the end of a press conference for Apple's new company products at the Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco. Introducing Wedding Bells, Chris who was wearing a white Flaming Lips t-shirt, joked: "This is a new song called 'Coldplay 2.6' and it has a lot of new features, it features seven different kinds of chords and even a new one that our closest rivals have no idea about," before adding: "This could be the only time you ever hear it. It could go terribly wrong but we'll see what happens."

    Meanwhile, Chris Martin was a surprise performer in New York on 13th September as he joined hip-hop's two biggest stars - Jay-Z and Eminem - as they headlined Yankee Stadium in the borough, in a grand show of how hip-hop has grown from Bronx party music to stadium-filler. Phil Harvey tweeted about the show, annotating the picture he sent with "Last night at Yankee Stadium. Jay-Z, undisputed King of New York. Chris went onstage for Heart of the City, Most Kings and Viva. pH


    September saw Coldplaying find out that Coldplay and Jay-Z had reportedly agreed a multi-million dollar deal to play a concert together on New Year's Eve, at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resort to see in 2011. The event was being organised by celebrity party planner Colin Cowie and would be invite only with no tickets being put on general sale to the public. Guests would be treated to separate sets from Coldplay and Jay-Z before the two acts take to the stage together. Beyonce Knowles was also said to be planning to perform in Las Vegas on the same night so she could be with her husband to celebrate the landmark date.


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    Photos of Chris Martin performing at Apple Keynote event (1st September 2010):




















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