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    [30 Jan 2007] Chris Martin Checks Out Arcade Fire

    Second London show starts dramatically


    Arcade Fire continued their week of intimate London gigs with their second show at St John’s Church tonight (January 30) and were watched by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.


    As previously reported, the band kicked off a week of gigs to showcase new album ‘Neon Bible’ last night (29). Beginning the show right in the middle of the sold out audience, the band performed ‘Wake Up’ without amplification to give the show a unique start.


    Moving to the main stage, the group then played a host of new songs including forthcoming single ‘Keep The Car Running’, ‘Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations’, ‘Intervention’, ‘(Antichrist Television Blues)’ ‘No Cars Go’, which appears on the band’s 2003 debut EP but has been re-recorded for ‘Neon Bible’.

    However it was during first album anthem ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ that Arcade Fire left their biggest impression, with frontman Win Butler diving into the crowd to deliver his vocals stood atop a chair, halfway down the church’s aisle.


    The singer’s venture seemed to be inspired by the reverential effect the venue had on the crowd, with Butler joking they were “acting like they were in a church”.


    He later compared the contrast between an applause and mass-like silence to a Japanese audience.


    “You’re very polite, your parents would be very proud,” he explained, before asking had “anyone one come with their parents?”


    Following several raised hands he added: “Wow, your parents are cooler than mine!”


    Concluding the set with ‘Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)’ from debut album ‘Funeral’, the band are set to complete their run at St John’s tomorrow (January 31) before moving to Porchester Hall later this week (February 1,2).


    The set in full was:


    ‘Wake Up’

    ‘Keep The Car Running’

    ‘Black Mirror’

    ‘No Cars Go’

    ‘Black Wave/Bad Vibrations’


    ‘The Well And The Lighthouse’

    ‘Ocean Of Noise’

    ‘Rebellion (Lies)’


    ‘(Antichrist Television Blues)’

    ‘My Body Is A Cage’

    ‘Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)’


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