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    Allardyce: Lonely Road Trips Need Music

    During his long managerial career, Sam Allardyce of Bolton must have spent countless evenings hurtling up and down the highways and byways of Britain, heading from Premiership snooker-table pitches to non-League mudheaps, in search of the next big thing.


    He probably counts his annual mileage in tens of thousands. And all the while he's probably tuned in to Radio 5 Live, and listened to hundreds of commentaries by Alan Green. I bet he's laughed on occasions. I bet he's smiled. And scowled. And banged the steering wheel at some inanity or opinion that is palpably wide of the mark. But I doubt that too often he's turned off, or opted instead for his Celine Dion CD to help pass those long endless stretches of the M6.


    For the worst offence that any broadcaster can commit is to be boring - to be bland - to give you and me as listeners, an excuse to switch off, or change channels, or rummage around in the glove compartment for Coldplay.


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