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    American Idol: Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta cover Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ (watch the video)

    scientistuk1.jpgCheck out the video at the Coldplay forum in which American Idol stars Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta cover Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist.’ We've set up a poll there to ask you what you thought of the performance - don't forget to cast your vote!


    They gave the performance on Friday in Los Angeles for Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone rally. Winfrey’s No Phone Zone is an initiative that encourages people to avoid talking and texting on their cell phones whilst driving.


    Meanwhile, X-Factor finalist from 2008, Diane Vickers, has talked to The Mirror about Coldplay. She says there's only one person she wants to duet with - Coldplay's Chris Martin. "I'd love to duet with Chris. I'm a huge fan of his voice, the band and his writing. I hope I at least get to meet him. To perform with him would be a dream come true."

    In news from last week which didn't make the Coldplaying headlines, Courtney Love has revealed that the New York Times' "The Case Against Coldplay" article helped her deal with her own album reviews. Taken from Spinner Music, here's what Love said about critical praise:


    Well, I don't really read reviews. I read, like, David Fricke [of Rolling Stone], I read Robert Hilburn [of the Los Angeles Times]. I read [Jon] Pareles [of the New York Times]. Pareles gave me a pretty good review, actually, which he's never given me a bad review. He wrote something on the case against Coldplay. So vicious. But [his Hole review] was like, "Swagger. Incorrigible. A star." And that was his Twitter. I was having this huge identity crisis and the reason I know about the case against Coldplay is because I'm friends with Chris Martin and Gwyneth [Paltrow], and [Gwyneth] told me about it. I would never use someone else's misery to make myself feel better, but I was having an identity crisis, so this is how important it is: At three in the morning, I pulled up the 'Case Against Coldplay,' read it aloud to my friend and then I read my review next to it. I felt better! Which is a horrible, horrible, horrible thing to say. The New York Times matters. Otherwise, the rest of them, I don't give a shit."


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