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    Bloc Party On Coldplay: Desire Not To Sound Alike

    blocparty1.jpgBloc Party have revealed their new album was inspired by both the July 7 terrorist attacks and a desire to not sound like Coldplay.


    Singer Kele Okereke said the follow-up to last year's critically-acclaimed 'Silent Alarm' will be an angry record inspired in part by the media reaction to the July 7 bomb attacks in London.


    He told Rolling Stone: "I was really disgusted by the reaction in the mainstream press. It seemed to become an anti-Muslim, xenophobic thing, and that started me thinking. That feeling of futility is one of the main themes of the record."He also feels the new record will be more focused, adding: "Everything (on 'Silent Alarm') is quite furious-sounding, and a lot of that was due to being 20 and having lots of questions, lots of energy and not really knowing how to focus it. "Now I'm at a very different stage with my life. There's still aggression, I guess, and intensity - but it's a very different kind."


    Okereke also denied rumours the band were planning to adopt a more mainstream sound. "It's not quite so jerky," he added. "But it's not like Coldplay either. It's still us."


    Source: http://musicnews.virgin.net

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