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    [Blog] Coldplay At Strokes Gig

    Yesterday... 1st March 2006 at Strokes concert, NYC


    “Oh and how funny was it when the show first started and all those technicolor light screens blazed, totally shocking the audience? I screamed out, “Holy crap! It’s a Coldplay concert!” It was only later when Kiran shouted at me, “is that Chris Martin?!?!” that I realized that Coldplay (or at least Chris, Will Champion, and Jonny Buckland) were actually present at the show. I guess they were just making sure their lighting equipment was being treated well.”


    “i was at the strokes show last night3/1/06(which was excellent) in nyc and who comes barrelling down the stairs from the private balconies during the encore but a VERY pregnant beautiful blonde….i am like holy sh*t its ….then my friends goes, uhh, look in front of her, and there he was, mr chris martin walking down the stairs with a black sweater with a hood up…people went bananas. i was the closest person to him and her, but couldnt get it together to go say anything. some girl walked right over and spoke with him while she continued down the stairs…he seemed gracious and that was that. i gave him a yell right before he turned around to go down the stairs and he gave me the thumbs up…stoked. coldplaystrokesgig.jpg


    [Thanks dajrekshn]

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