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    Borrell turns his frown upside down; likes Coldplay, too...

    razorlight1.jpgRazorlight's Johnny Borrell - never likely to be confused with the protagonist behind the Beastie Boys' 'Johnny Ryall' - has told free newspaper Metro about the band's brand-new album, Razorlight.


    The singer said that his band's second record, the follow-up to Up All Night, was never going to be a gloomy affair:


    "I was determined to make a positive record. It's all autobiographical, but I hate it when bands release a gloomy second album about how tough it is being famous. Actually, there's a lot about belief on this record. "I'm very proud. Do I think it's better than Up All Night? Fuck Yeah!"


    He also told the 'paper that he now enjoys Coldplay, which we assume means he didn't particularly rate them before: "If you'd have asked me about Coldplay when I was 18, I'd have said, 'Fuck off, I hate them'. But seeing them perform, it occurred to me they're great."


    Which is a nice change from the standard one-band-slags-another news, isn't it? Razorlight is out on Monday (July 17).


    Source: http://drownedinsound.com

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