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    Chris Martin & Ian McCulloch Friendship Inspired New Coldplay Album

    CHRIS MARTIN has revealed how an unlikely friendship with Echo and the Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch inspired the new Coldplay album.


    Speaking exclusively to nme.com, Martin revealed that he even donned McCulloch’s trademark raincoat when he recorded new single ‘In My Place’. McCulloch was in the studio with the band at the time.


    The pair have recently joined each other on stage. Chris Martin performed with Echo And The Bunnymen at New Order’s Finsbury Park gig on Sunday, June 9 for a version of the Bunnymen’s 1997 hit 'Nothing Lasts Forever'. Liam Gallagher supplied the original backing vocal.Martin revealed how the band met when Coldplay chose to record their album in Liverpool. "Mac being in Liverpool was great," he said. "He's from Liverpool, and shares a manager with Ken (Nelson), our producer. We met in the bar which was right next to the studio. We just bumped into each other.


    "I've met various people who've made me more and more at peace with what I do musically with my friends. Tim Wheeler, Danny McNamara and other people, but with Mac because he's so infamous and he's so as you expect when you meet him, all cigarettes and sunglasses you're shit-scared for a bit, but then you realise that what's driving him is the same as what's driving you and your band.


    "What I love about Ian, and obviously I love the Bunnymen and I love his singing, but also he's not scared of anyone. He certainly doesn't show it anyway. Whereas I'd say, 'I've met David Bowie', he'd say, 'No, no, no. It's David Bowie met me.'" I thought, 'Right, yeah.'


    "I used to try to buy him soup and we struck up a bizarre friendship," explained the Coldplay singer. "Mac sometimes has a drink and he's harder to talk to then. When I was doing the vocals for 'In My Place' I was wearing his coat. He was sat there, really pissed on red wine. He just kept saying, 'Go on, son. Go on.'"


    ‘In My Place’ is released on August 12, followed by the album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ on August. 26.

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