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    Chris Martin Irritated By Childish Journalists In Sao Paulo

    chrispiano2005.jpgTranslated Article [Thanks marianatsl]


    Coldplay's Chris Martin lost his british good manners and gave ironic answers to journalists during this afternoon's press conference in Sao Paulo.


    The dry tone came up when the questions started to involve his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. First, when questioned about his 3 favourite movies starred by the actress, Chris Martin simply asked for the "next" question and followed by that, asked the journalist what was "his favourite sexual position".


    After that, when questioned if there were plans of recording some day with Gwyneth (both sang together in a concert, last september), he repeated the ironic question: "What's your favourite sexual position?"

    New Songs


    Before all the tension, the band explained the absence of new songs on the South American Tour. "We wanted to play songs like Yellow, things that we've done hundreds of years ago. We are still 'cooking' the new songs, producing them. We don't want that anything end up on the internet, we want to have the surprise factor", said Chris Martin.


    The new songs will be on their fourth album. It will be produced, among other people, by Brian Eno, who has worked with U2 in the past.


    Even though there's a superproduction vibe around the new album, the band remains with their "down to earth" speech. "We see ourselves as a great band, but not such a good band", said Chris.




    Seen by the critics as a group that doesnt take risks in their songs, Coldplay believes that any transformation needs time. "It's very hard to please critics that are 20 years older than us. Few groups managed to reinvent the music or rock with just 3 albums out, with exceotions like Nirvana and The Beatles", exemplified Chris Martin.


    A moment where the rockers went out of the script was in Sao Paulo, during monday's concert - after the crowd insistently asked for the song Shiver, that wasn't planned to be performed. "We've never had so many pleads for us to play that song. We hadn't even rehearsed, but we just couldn't not do it. Ended up being cool."


    Source: www.terra.com.br

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