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    Chris Martin on air with Ryan Seacrest (KIIS FM)

    kiisfm.jpgChris Martin was just on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest. As per usual, he was in typical interviewing form - facetious and funny. You can listen to and download the interview here [thanks Ouiparis & mimixxx]


    Meantime, here are a few tidbits from the interview [thanks Ouiparis]:


    * Ryan mentioned that he liked the Starbucks joke (venti vs. grande) and Chris said he was glad because it is difficult to be funny in front of a whole bunch of people.


    * Chris thought the Monday night encore was much better than the one on Tuesday.

    * He didn’t walk out when Ryan started asking personal questions. Ryan asked whether the family is with him when they are on the road and CM replied that given their busy schedules, sometimes they are together and sometimes not. Then he went on to say that sometimes when your father is a musician, it is better not to be around him for a couple of days.


    * When some fans got on the phone with him, CM was very appreciative of their praise and said, “For reasons I cannot divulge this morning, this means a lot to me.” (Something to that effect.) Oh, and then Ryan played the clip from the Today show from a couple of weeks ago where CM said that Ryan designed their costumes. CM said, “You told us not to say anything!”

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