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    Chris Martin performs live at Apple Keynote convention (setlist / videos / pictures / new lyrics)

    20100901cmapplekeynote1a_1.jpgApple CEO Steve Jobs used a performance by Coldplay's Chris Martin and a video of Lady Gaga to help launch new Apple music products during the company's annual media event earlier today (September 1st).


    After rolling out a new lineup of iPod models, Chris Martin took the stage to perform Wedding Bells on piano, as well as Viva La Vida and Yellow, at the end of a press conference for the company's new products at the Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco which was also screened live on TV screens at The Brewery in east London. Introducing Wedding Bells, Chris who was wearing a white Flaming Lips t-shirt, joked: "This is a new song called 'Coldplay 2.6' and it has a lot of new features, it features seven different kinds of chords and even a new one that our closest rivals have no idea about," before adding: "This could be the only time you ever hear it. It could go terribly wrong but we'll see what happens."


    We now have some more lyrics for Wedding Bells which you can read after the jump. You can catch up on all the discussion at the Coldplay forum, and also a recap on the setlist/videos/pictures in the Coldplay Live forum. You can also download various bits and pieces from Chris Martin's performance in the Multimedia forum. You may be required to login/register due to the high amount of traffic the messageboard is receiving so many thanks for your patience. [Thanks to everyone who has posted videos, pictures, download links and deciphered lyrics!]

    Meanwhile as it was a live event there were several live official blogs in action...


    Jobs goes back to music: "We started doing this music stuff because we really like music," he says. And Apple has invited Coldplay to perform "Please join me in welcoming Chris Martin!" he says to big applause. The singer jokes: This is probably the toughest closing gig I've ever had. I don't have any products to unveil ...". Chris Martin isn't sure whether he should wrap it or not, so he says, "Steve, can you tell me what to do?" to laughter.


    There's a standing ovation for Chris Martin as he leaves the stage. Woz is clapping hard too. There's no sign of Paltrow, but Jobs comes back on stage: ""Thank you for coming this morning. I hope you're as excited about this stuff as we are ... We'll see you soon." And that's a wrap.


    Lyrics to Wedding Bells (live):


    Those wedding bells are ringing up upon that hill

    And I don’t wanna swallow such a bitter pill

    You keep on moving, but, I stay still

    But I always loved you and I always will


    Days of no sleeping

    Caked in mud

    All kinds of poison in my blood

    I lost the only thing I ever loved



    I heard them ringing and processioning by

    Umbrellas in the clear blue sky

    I saw you swimming in that sea of white



    And wedding bells ringing up upon that hill

    And I don’t wanna swallow such a bitter pill

    You keep on moving, baby, I stay still

    I always loved you and I always will


    I loved you and I see it still

    I always loved you and I always will

    Singing, lalalalalalalalala…


    If everything that went before didn’t matter, so


    I always loved you and I always will


    Photos of Chris Martin performing at Apple Keynote event (1st September 2010):




















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