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    Chris Martin solo gig, hometown tribute & news roundup!

    Chris Martin solo gig on 6th August.


    Chris Martin is due to play a private show in New York City on Wednesday 6th August. The audience will consist of under 200 of Chris' closest family and friends, with two lucky fans to having the chance to see Chris in an even smaller surrounding than the already intimate Ghost Stories shows, this time with our charismatic frontman will going solo, with possible guest appearances in the offering or just simply belting out Coldplay classics!


    Chris Martin solo gig


    US residents can win two of the tickets courtesy of US radio station, Cities 97, which streams on iHeartRadio (where the Ghost Stories launch party was hosted).


    Listen all week at 7:20am + 4:20pm and keep track of the keywords. Then Friday morning at 7:20am Oake and Keri will take the 97th caller with Chris Martin Phrase that pays. Read back all the keywords and you win, hotel, airfare, and tix to the private Chris Martin show at secret location in New York City!


    To discuss the upcoming solo gig and the radio clues so far, visit the thread on our forum!


    Campaign to give Chris Martin the freedom of Exeter!


    A campaign on Facebook to give Chris Martin the freedom of Exeter award, is thriving and gaining attention from local and national media in the UK! Chris' hometown is Exeter (Whitestone to be exact), in South West England and proudly represents the small British city. It was also the chosen venue of Coldplay's last gig of the decade in 2009!


    Click here to for the campaign page and press the like button!


    Please simply give your support to this wonderful campaign, run by a very determined Coldplay fan wanting to give our frontman the benefits that come with the award such as the right to drive sheep and cattle through the city (see more here) by clicking 'like' on Facebook. Lets turn the 200+ likes into thousands of likes, lets go Coldplayers!


    New Coldplay news round up


    Our news round up host, Petey (known as Periahdark on our forums) is back! Should you have missed any news during the month of July, you can now catch up! Subscribe to our Youtube channel @Coldplaying for more videos coming soon!




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