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    Chris Martin speaks to Ocesa (Mexico) ahead of Latin America tour

    chrismartin2008a.jpgColdplay frontman Chris Martin spoke with Ocesa Mexico ahead of the Latin America tour, which is due to start later this month. Below is the roughly translated article of the Mexican interview found online. More discussion on this article can be found at the Coldplay forum here onwards. [thanks hugo]


    O: How do you feel about your participation on a TV show such as the Simspons?

    CM: It was fantastic, that made us look more handsome than we really are. We are very thankful for that and being there felt incredible, we are fans of the show, it was lots of fun doing it.


    O: Did you have the ambition once of playing at big venues when you started the band?

    CM: That was always an ambition, you always have crazy ambition and when you are half way there you just let it go. It is incredible to see how little by little you have achieved everything that you have set as a goal.

    O: You’ve been helping Haiti, what more is left for Coldplay to continue helping them?

    CM: When George Clooney organized the Telethon we had the interest to help because the situation was very complicated for everybody; so we feel very thankful of have being part of that telethon and have done a donation too. We don’t have other way to contribute rather than doing the best we can for everybody. What is awesome is how quickly all the World has helped this nation, that is what is fantastic.


    O: What is your opinion about the legal issues in which you are involved as a band?

    CM: If you are part of a band, you know you are doing things right when the rest of the people start to feel uncomfortable with what you are doing. We only focus on the truth, we say the truth and we keep on going. We don’t worry about it, we know what is the truth.


    O: From the moment you wrote a song inspired on Frida Kahlo, the museum in Mexico city has received more visitors. How do you feel about it?

    CM: Its wonderful, just incredible, we cant way to go back there.


    O: Now that you are a huge band and you play on stadiums, do you miss playing at small venues?

    CM: Not really, the dressing rooms smell bad and are uncomfortable, but the new album is being recorded for us to play in small venues, but we don’t know if that is going to happen.


    O: Dont Panic is related with Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Has Douglas Adams work influenced your music?

    CM: I’ve never read that book and I think I should…as a matter of fact, the title of the song was taken randomly taken from the book. In general, a lot of books influence our music and that’s great.


    O: Natalie Imbruglia wrote a song for you and you said it was the best song she has every writen. What is your opinion about that?

    CM: I know it is a wonderful song, but it has not been finished yet and I’d like to know what happened with that.


    O: Have you thought on making a tribute to Frida Kahlo now that you are going to visit our country?

    CM: In certain way the whole concert is a tribute to her, maybe we will have an inflatable image of hers on stage. The reason why we are ending the tour in Mexico is because there it is were the idea of Viva la Vida came from, she influenced all of that work.


    O: Do you have any plan on keep on working with Oxfam?

    CM: They are always outside the concerts at the stands giving information. So yes, we keep on working with them.


    O: What is more important, being rich or being famous?

    CM: That’s a funny question, I think that what matter are the reasons why you are rich or famous. What I thank the most is having the opportunity of being part of this band, that is what is great. Fame and wealth are only a consequence, an added value.


    O: is there any place that you have planned to visit when you come back to Mexico?

    CM: We have been on the studio so we can be musically at a 100% for the shows, so we have not made any plans to visit any place.


    O: With technology and internet, have you planned on releasing an album on CD or as a download?

    CM: I think that eventually that will happen, but for the moment we will make a new record and we will think on a new way to present the album. I think that the best thing of music right now is the way you can get it, at the end of the day there is always somebody that likes to go to a store and buy records.


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