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    Chris Martin takes to the stage for Global Citizen Festival

    Chris Martin takes to the stage for Global Citizen Festival

    One of the first jobs for the lead singer of Coldplay to undergo, within his new role as curator of the Global Citizen festival was to excite the crowd was his trademark sense of humour and that's exactly what he did, at the charity concert for Global Citizen Earth Day over the weekend.


    Chris Martin, still donning that smiley cap and even a new tattoo (more shortly), introduced the Gwen Stefani fronted band, No Doubt, before sharing a joke involving Justin Bieber and One Direction!


    Thank you for all being here in this amazing event, where if we all work together, we can get Justin Bieber to join One Direction!


    Coldplay's singer then sobered the humourous tone for one of more gratitude:


    Everyone at Global Citizen would like to thank all the staff who have worked so hard to make this possible and the people are going to build this [stage] and take it down and the people who have to empty the bathrooms and the people who wear these luminous jackets and all of the people who got you here by bus or train or however you came. So...the whole day has being wonderful and its being about what we can achieve together.


    You can watch the speech below:




    Chris' 'G' tattoo (for ex-wife Gwynenth) has now been morphed into 'God is love' (so, most of us think). And that's why lads and lasses, a partner's name inked onto you is not always the best idea! Let's get a close up:


    Chris Martin tattoo


    Some more snaps below, from Chris Martin's appearance at the Global Citizen Festival, with thanks to many fan sites/pages.


    Chris Coldplay


    Coldplay Chris


    Chris smiley cap

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